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In the quiet residential area of tomizuka sat quietly、Home roasting coffee specialty shop & Cafe shop home 號舖 offered homemade sweets, lunch with a nice cup of coffee "noncurante nonclante"Mr.。With Brazil started.、Aligns the selection of beans from around the world、You can enjoy the coffee with a deep taste by roasting the best for the bean.。In the shop、There is also a café booth.、Coffee recommended that day、Ma'am Homemade Sweets、Pasta and baguette pizza、Lunch with curry and gratin。The shopkeeper is the sister of the standard poodle of the big dogFranChan andChiantiFrom having a baby、Only the terrace seat has become OK with a dog、I see a lot of appearances of the visitor who enjoys taking the dog of the family。"Nonclante"What is the name of the store?、"Carefree"From Italy, meaning it deals"To make the time we provide carefree time.Shopkeepers said that thought how et is.


Roasting is ordered and then put on the spot.、5Completed in a minute。It is best to leave the depth of roasting to us.、It is also possible to suit your taste♪


Shop、With woody construction full of warmth、6 counter seats、Table 8 seats、It is wrapped in the smell of coffee with about 12 seats on the terrace and can spend a quiet time.。At the counter、Hand drip carefully one cup by the owner for each order、Because the taste may change due to weather and humidity,、The commitment to provide after tasting properly。Roasting、It's also a good idea to enjoy the fragrant taste of freshly ground coffee here♪


There are always more than 20 kinds of raw beans、Each taste is written in a easy-to-understand way.。All prices are inclusive of tax and orders can be ordered from 200g or more in 100g increments♪


Shop、It is completely colored in the Color of Christmas、A pretty tree and a small thing are put in a good sense.。There was only a few left this year♪




On this day、12April 20 (Saturday).To the planChristmas partyIn the soft taste of sweet scent to use 100 percent organically grown coffee beansIsao Suzuki (organic) 200 g ¥ 1,100And enjoy the sharp acidity Bourbon species the finest products in this month's featured products and the aroma"Top ski" 200 g 1,200 yenOrder!


As an attendant of freshly ground coffee、Italian restaurant in Nagoya i visited the other dayLa vena del legno la vena del renno"For us than a wife Chie-Chan in the confectionary"Foret Faure"Is it of I have Stollen together!


Storen switches into Christmas mode at once with cute lapping。It seems that the owner of Mr. Foret is going to be changed generations, and the staff seems to be working mostly now.。There are many kinds of stollen and a mouthpiece、The taste and texture change depending on the ingredients and cooking procedures.。This is Storen.、Because it was made for the texture like biscotti、It is crispy texture♪


"Top ski (Bourbon type)" and "Stollen"

Highest grade of Bourbon species enjoy sharp and sour and spicy nutty scent"Top ski'The、It goes well with storen, which is packed with almonds and nuts.。Nonclante's new year's business、31(Water),open until New Year's Eve (no lunch)、2015In 1/4 (days)(no lunch on the 4th, 5th and 6th)。It is a recommended shop to taste a gentle time with high-fragrant coffee♪

noncurante nonclante
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka Naka 1618-120 TEL:053-473-0848
Hours of operation 10:30To 18:00 Closed on Mondays:Moon、On Tuesday

1618-120 Tomizuka-cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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