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Hamamatsu and Iwata's pastry shop "IEDA" Baker "and the hemp。"With collaboration with wake-up



In a quiet residential area near Mt Fuji Yamaha Stadium Iwata station、In the parking lot to be flexible、Even the most popular European pastry shop "IEDA"And it's seasonal jams,、Always the Nice differenceMARUNO beauty IKUESankarea et whats up! (Gusto Yoshihisa)"Macaroon I、Peach jams the 外senakute at this time. "And、Mito Megumi says。Now in seasonPeachThe jams of luxury andKiwiThe jams。Additives and preservatives that reassurance does not in any way、Is a safe material jams.


100%The honey shop using the New Zealand honey "MIERE PICO Pico mile"Beach honey juice honeyFriendsERI SuzukiWell whats on! (My joy) New Zealand's South Island beech forests、Honeydew honey from the beech (Black Beech)Beech Dew Honey。 Honey of the flower, not the tree SAP so taste and smell very unique.、Repeat rate No.1 popular largest! Rich sweetness with dark colored minerals with plenty of charm。Difficult to crystallize, so easy to use、Deep, rich flavor and sweetness is great for cooking and pastry making、And very well with Japanese。Europe、Seems to be popular, especially in Germany widely both of rye bread.


Made of natural materials with plenty of jams and New Zealand premium honey、Hamamatsu in popular "La Boulangerie hemp and。"Is it of have delicious baguette in trying I。And you as you bite in tasty hemp。Is it the French bread is、Enjoy potato taste moist surfaces and in the、Is perfect for sweet sauce, etc.


The coffee of the day、CurrentMexicoTo in souvenirs than the landlord abroad seconded by indigenous people in Chiapas, Mexico's coffee producers Union 'Bats ' il Maya bazilmaya"The coffee beans we have! (Gusto Yoshihisa) give local womenMaya embroiderySells roasted beans decorated with colorful crafts bag as a souvenir of the Chiapas specialty group、Seems familiar yet less coffee in Japanese。Oh and hit Japan, the less valuable beans should、Take a look、Is what you want to have drunk some friends and his wife (laughs)


Feel the sweet, dense jams with honey was immediately blast while enjoying refreshments texture baguette、With a sharp aroma sour Mexico coffee。Start with the best wake-up of loose time blessed with lots of friends who love to spend a day。Thank you ♪


Western pastry IEDA
Iwata-Shi, fujimi-18-1
Hours of operation:10:00-20:00
Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

La Boulangerie hemp and。
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Chuo 2-5-5 1st floor Saint Clair TEL:053-454-6457
Hours of operation:8:00-19:00
Closed on Mondays:Moon、On Tuesday



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See seasonal cuisine Magnus' Shizuoka summer stamina supplement with steudel Shabu Shabu! "SPROUT Sprout" of re-covering and repair, such as attachment full of furniture shop
See seasonal cuisine Magnus' Shizuoka summer stamina supplement with steudel Shabu Shabu!
"SPROUT Sprout" of re-covering and repair, such as attachment full of furniture shop


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