Fukuroi home roasting coffee beans ya new beans on Mame and Japanese restaurant "newguineapeaberry"


Retreat home roasting coffee beans shop located just along the road to the Temple of Fukuroi through 'Blister and Japanese restaurant"Mr.。Hama-CHAN's friend and his wife濱小路 RendeWith his wife inAkemiJust engaged、Carefully selected aromatic roast stand forChia Pei own roasted beansShop where you will find。In the Western Prefecture, not to mention restaurants and cafes、Apparel and beauty salon、Not limited to grocery stores, such as food and beverage outlets、Blister and Japanese restaurantMr. fromCoffee beansBut few are buying、Are loved by many fansChia Pei own roasted beansOfSpecialty shopsWill be!


Here you will、Always lined up on store shelvesRaw coffee beansFrom the select the favorite things、To-orderRoastingThat commitment Buri。The roastingCoffee beansWhile waiting for the、His wifeAkemiMr. delicious freshly brewedCoffeeCan you treat。In small children instead of coffeeCocoaFriendliness and、Is your family go out to buy coffee beans in the family total putting out very good service so many。However,、Should not be confused、Here you willCafe is notIt said that。Shops purchase coffee beans only.。Phone book in advanceGo to the waySpecify date and time and、Because it will make the suit at that time、Hurry is sure to phone book.


2New beans-"newguineapeaberry"

This Hama-Chan special coffee beans、2-New beansNewguineapeaberry 200 g 980 yenIt is。The byte staffKuno, yutaroWas delicious freshly-Kun。Deep coffee、How to roast、How to grind、Stand the smell or taste depends on the temperature and speed way。KunoHow to taste cumAkemiAnd I talked to the tastes and preferences of our、After age 30 coffee controversy (lol)、Was drinking coffee at last I was weak、Blister and Japanese restaurantIt's thanks to delicious coffee!


2New beans-"newguineapeaberry" 200 g 980 yen

2-New beans'Newguineapeaberry'。Coffee beans、Usually one fruit in two bean (seed) is a flat surface to face no deposit is、Rarely and only 1 Tablet、The beans called peaberry (whole beans in Japan)、Rarities are。ThisNewguineapeaberryThe、Is a distinctive aroma.、Refreshing gentle acidity and rich flavor、Peaberry seems deep filled with flavor is spread.、Is a very well balanced coffee.


Kalita's Mill in the hand-ground


Fresh roast freshly ground beans、95° C before and afterOf and pour hot water into floaty! ~ I and bulge、Visit smells so blissful hours。During the winter,、So easy with cold、Always warm with hot water prior to。First of all,、In order to maximize the flavor of coffee、Infuse for 20 seconds or so, go around the whole coffee beans ground just hot water to become familiar。After that、Outward from the center of small circles around "delicious enough I-is!" and thought not, pour。Disconnect the Dripper pour up to dosage、Be careful do not dropped until the end。The condition of the delicious coffee (there may be cut off and graininess, to appear on the coffee flavor)、Roasted fresh、Freshly ground、It has been brewedIn triple time, isn't it?!

"Bamboo charcoal and 10 TG karinto" (blister or Japanese restaurant sales)

Karinto 10 shells and bamboo charcoalThe、Using natural yeast and wheat country、And finishing with your own cask、' Tis、Brown rice、Such as acne is a savory pumpkin 10 grains karinto。Akō salt is effective、Karinto in texture and the balance of sweet and salty and delicious is great with coffee!


"Newguineapeaberry" and "bamboo charcoal and ten grain karinto'

Hama-CHAN、Akemi、Kuno-Kun、Thank you delicious coffee!

Blister and Japanese restaurant
Fukuroi-shi Muramatsu 2607 TEL:0538-42-7222
Hours of operation 10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

Fukuroi city Muramatsu 2607

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