A healing space café using natural materials and traditional techniques created by "Yamabosi Chabo" Hana Yingzui Kobo

A hamamatsu housing manufacturer that incorporates natural materials and creates more than 3,000 pairs of custom-built houses using traditional techniquesHana Yingzui KoboA café produced byYamabosi Chabo"To!

The café is located in a quiet place with Fujimidai in Iwata.、A detached house with a simple modern but impactful façade、You will be greeted gently with an atmosphere like a hide away house!

Spacious parking lot in front of the store is also available, so you can build it with peace of mind。

There is a noren at the entrance.、You can see the inside of the store creating a warm space with light shining through the glass window.。
Sunday morning、Opening time 10:30There are already customers who are going to make it in time for ~♪

Look、It's a façade with a closed impression.、I'm excited about what kind of wonderful space awaits me.。

A bright and spacious café space spreading beyond the porch of 4.5 cho where the sliding door is opened and one cushion is placed!

Shop、Diatomaceous earth with excellent functionality and gentle atmosphere, and earth floor with an atmosphere of washing finish、There is a Japanese-style room using Otani stone full of profound feeling、2Floor made of solid kavazakura tree on the 1st floor、We use plenty of natural materials that create the warmth necessary for housing.、Traditional techniques interwoven with skillful craftsmanship are gathered!

The spacious seating area is 6 seats of 3 × 2 seats、4 counter seats by the window、3 kitchen counter seats、In a configuration between two Japanese-style rooms、A Japanese-style space with tatami mats is also available so that even small children can enjoy it.、It is full of a sense of openness!

It is different from the atmosphere seen from the outside、No matter where you cut it, it will be a structure that you can feel the sky and green、Inside the store where soft and pleasant sunlight is poured。

The worktop of the kitchen counter with depth and width that can be easily worked on、It is made of Moletex, a belgian left-handed material.、The seamless and stylish design is a very beautiful finish!

At the counter with a warm stool of natural wood、One of you is likely to greet you kindly♪

Here is、At a café with a main hand drip coffee carefully brewed one cup at a time using coffee beans roasted by a manager with barista experience、You can taste sweets that you can enjoy together!

At the window counter of the special seat where you can see the garden、It has been adopted pendant light using glass of the early Showa era、It has a soft light♪

This day is probably、It seems to have been a place of relaxation for people who will be regulars living in the neighborhood、The calm air was flowing slowly.。

Immediately、Let's brew the original blend "Yamabosi Blend" to shingo Matsumoto, the manager!

A roasting machine is provided at the back of the high-cut mill for business use of "Kalita".、Inside the store where you can be healed by the smell of freshly ground coffee beans。

In the coffee stand of "KINTO" with a profound appearance that combines walnuts with deep colors and brass that can enjoy the change over time、Reduce miscellaneous taste by using "Matsuya type drip" composed of 6 wire、Freshly ground coffee brewed with a gently slow hand drip using steaming time at a temperature of 85 degrees。

This bean is particular about specialty coffee.、Roasting is finished with the shallow roast of the manager Matsumoto's preference、You can enjoy the world view of Nordic coffee where sourness is the mainstream!

"Matcha Latte", which I heard is popular with girls, starts with matcha!

Pour creamy milk made with milkformer made in Italy "LA MARZOCCO" and you will have completed "Matcha Latte"!

"Yamabosi Blend" 450yen

Brazil with the manager's original blend、Mocha、A blend of Tanzanian and 3 kinds of beans。
By roasting as shallow, you can enjoy the balance of sour taste and soft bitterness that can be said to be the real pleasure of Nordic coffee style、It is finished in a refreshing coffee!

"Matcha Latte" 500yen

The matcha latte, which carefully pours in the milk that has been whisked after carefully pouring matcha one cup at a time, feels crema and has a fragrant and rich taste!

Because the pottery of this shallow soup bowl was too cute、I asked the staff involuntarily and showed me the catalog!

"Ogura Toast" 350yen

Popular boulangeries in Iwata "R&CompanyOgura toast with butter toast and azuki bean paste!

The sweet red bean paste that is gentle on butter toast that you can enjoy the aroma and umami of wheat makes you feel at home♪

"Germ Sabre"

Germ sabre attached by service to accompany each drink。
Enjoy the aroma and grainyness of germ、It becomes a crisp and light sabre with a gentle sweetness!

The rich time that is born in a high-quality space is a little reward for ♪

I'm sure you're here.、You can also enjoy the scenery of the four seasons♪

In the garden, you can enjoy the gentle tone of "Suikin-grottoes(*)" which is also used in Japanese gardens, and there is a taste.。
*Suikin Cave is one of the decorations of a Japanese garden.、Drop water droplets into the cavity created in the ground near the water bowl.、In the device to echo the sound that is uttered at that time、Has the function of treating wastewater in hand water bowls。

In the space under the stairs、Wonderful miscellaneous goods and vessels that fit the Nordic style that adds color to the life selected by Hana Yingzyi Kobo are sold!

[dothir] Ceramic brand "Dotier" was born in Denmark in 2007。Elegant colors and delicate and original flowerware created by a female designer from Iceland add color to the room without taking advantage of the flowers。
STIIK Fork、spoon、"Stick" of domestic chopsticks brand designed as the fourth cutlery after knife。The design that has been described in the world is a finish that you will want to have with chopsticks even in Western food。
[KURA common] Nordic-style tableware "Kura" designed with the concept of "starting from home"。color、Texture、We are particular about quality and can also handle microwave ovens and dishwashers.。The dish shines in a gentle matte texture。
[ferm LIVING] Interior brand "Fame Living" born in Aarhus, Denmark。The feminine and soft design unique to Northern Europe gives a moderate accent to the space。

2The 1st floor is set up as a meeting space.、It seems that they will also respond to consultations on house building by making advance reservations!

"Yamabosi Blend"、"Gatemara" roasted coffee beans are also sold in quantity and drip packs!

Also、1Both floors 2、Space rentals are also available for holding events such as exhibitions and classrooms.、If you are interested, please contact the staff♪

Including "Self-Helper" and "Casa BRUTUS"、Because a lot of favorite books were prepared, I looked into it unintentionally、I spent a relaxing time!

It is a nice café discovery that is comfortable again in Iwata!

Yamabosi Chabo
Address:17-1 Fujimidai, Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Hours of operation:10:30-19:00
Closed on Mondays:Tuesdays, Wednesdays, year-end and New Year holidays

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