WINE CLUB HAMAMATSU third Champagne Party @ sanaruko Lake


Every year an annual is becoming2014On July 21 (Mon.)OfSea dayTo、Same as last yearWINE CLUB HAMAMATSUOrganized referral systemChampagne party(Dues 15000 yen per person) to have participated with our friends。Where is it、The best location overlooking the Lake, played "The Oriental terrace"Mr.。Thankfully this year blessed with weather、BBQ on the terrace are made safely、It was gorgeous, a big event!


Bathed in afternoon sunlight hours 15 pm reception。To release from the summer heat、In a refreshing views of the Lake、Cool, elegant momentsChampagneTo40SpeciesFor from being jealous just like、Enjoy delicious cuisine with buffet style in a fun conversation started。Summer casual is the dress code。As in the past、And wear a nice summer kimono、All our guests cool to dress up。Twist this time than last year、From the venerable champagne Maison rare vintage up to RM limited、40Carefully selected types of champagne、And classification from stage 1 to stage 4、In the final stage as the prestige of the annual2002 Salon、Belle Epoque 2002、Bollinger, grandane 2002、Filipina-clodegowase 2002Such packed! The pattern of events、Enjoy the photo gallery!









































To Mr. and Mrs. bird good date started.、PartiesWe were together、Fun night together, we have very good motivation。Thank you very much! (Thank you) and、This timeChampagne partyTo make your friends who join us、Thanks so much!

Hamamatsu HAMAMATSU WINE CLUB wine club

THE ORIENTAL TERRACE the Oriental terrace

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