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Apartment "Park 四tsu池", helped me with our Christmas party



Tower rental apartments adjacent to the Yotsuike park "Park View Yotsuike"ofladeThere renovation planning the first series to be produced "High floor model"The empathized、We invite those who care、Held an early Christmas party。"Nature and health"Park concept reborn as suitable for 四tsu池、This time the、Miyakoda French café & restaurant "LENRI"For to ask chef Onoe、"農+NOTICE"♪ that I was offer a cuisine that is used to center the Mr. pesticide-free vegetables


Wine、"WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER"The ownerTetsuya Ono.Yukiko YukikoTo Mr. and Mrs.Bio wineWe have selected。Bio wineAnd the、Refers to wines made of pristine as possible、There is no natural ' wines is a clear definition。In Japan "Bio wine"、Biodynamic (biodynamic)AndBiot logic (organic) farming、Or has been used in the sense that the wines made by incorporating some farming、The same as the natural。 Strict standards for the first time "Organic wine"And also unlike the wine that they、It is used in the meaning without legal restriction, a wide range of。This time the、Agri Cul tulle Biot logic (Agriculture Biologique)Of having the certification and、Bio criteria of the European Union (EU) reachedEUビオマークKindly select from, such as those with。From the awareness of health and environmental issues、Higher popularity of biodynamic products!


This party is held at、1217:00 am toAnd we have set up in the afternoon and。To remove the food from the morning、Christmas spec too little space and setting the table and busy, but、Fun times getting ready for party goodness?!


"LENRI"Is it to hear and、Beautiful lemon loaded perched beside the counter led has been became concerned about。Organic Japanese lemon acidity is gentle、It is filled with fruit juice fresh lemon。Organic Lemon、Because the skin and eat safe、Wash and thinly sliced、Put plenty of mineral water、I made the lemon cleaner。This is, now and forever.3Number 100 yenIn has been sold、Of fairly priced, delicious!


Crisp salad of shrimp and cod


Of pesticide-free vegetables pickles


Terrine of avocado


Charcoal of waffle cone


Salmon、Shrimp、Avocado、Cured ham


Quiche of bacon and onions


Galantine of chicken


Various mushroom cream soup


Maple croissant


Families who visit before going to lunch.、So very tasty dishes now and forever,、"Here 's it likely would have done the lunch momentum ♪"And、Little Miss CHAN also delicious to eat me, delicious and very happy with my family。Especially Onoe chef making soup is always delicious none.、This time"Various mushroom cream soup"Also popular、Ta Moggi mushrooms、Maitake mushroom、Mushroom、Tora-San、White mushrooms、Palm mushroomAnd the us use the six types of mushrooms、Very nice and appreciating the depth and richness, excellent。It was popular so tasty sauteed in caramelized onion and Bacon quiche。And、Ms. Onoeand "I do not even produce because the party!"Us concerned with、Waffle cones mixed with charcoal powder、Looks very glamorous、And very easy to eat as finger food、Calipari texture raw ham tomato in the salmon and avocado Terrine、Which is also delicious!








A lot of wine was with bottom、"noncurante nonclante"Organic coffeeIn the finish、17A party was planned.、Fun time is had and was about 19 I find in say。Finish the piece with、Had a good time with many Blues、This meeting ended successfully。Also、I want to organize more such fun meeting! In your busy schedule、Everyone who visits、We who have the slot shown in Santa、Thank you so much! (I) this year was indebted to real a year! Also in the future.ladeA thank you ♪

Park View Yotsuike

Café & Restaurant now and forever renal
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Cho 8501-2 TEL:053-428-7000
Hours of operation:10:00To 22:00Closed on Mondays:Thursday


Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sanarudai 4-38-28 TEL:053-543-7711 Closed on Mondays:Every Monday

noncurante nonclante
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka Naka 1618-120 TEL:053-473-0848
Hours of operation 10:30To 18:00 Closed on Mondays:Moon、On Tuesday

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Soba House oomori new menu appeared! From the body core warming flavorful duck NANBAN Commemorate the anniversary of now and forever renal dinner Christmas limited edition only
Soba House oomori new menu appeared! From the body core warming flavorful duck NANBAN
Commemorate the anniversary of now and forever renal dinner Christmas limited edition only


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