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Cooking with Akira Hokuto was broadcast in solving nainaiancer Yam Fondue Recipe!



Akira Hokuto Yam fondue arrange version
The TV showNTVMr.Resolution nainaiancerIn that broadcast 'Akira HokutoButtobashi recipes"In the
3Broadcast March 24,The "Yam fondue"The Japanese elements are also incorporated with Yam recipe
Because it was feeling like you simply and fondue、My cooking time.

Hokuto Akira's Yam fondue recipes
Yam 300 g、3 cups of water、120 ml white dashi soy、5 tbsp white miso、Pizza cheese 45 g
Peel the skin (1)、Yam was cut to a suitable size and white dashi soy、White miso、3 cups of water into the Blender。
(2) (1) in a pot place、Stirring not to burn、If you shi出shitara might just Cook pizza cheese, melted and mixed ability!。
(3) steam or Parboil the broccoli and carrots、Daikon radish、Winner、Bread, etc. (2) with will。

ayaco Yam fonduhallenge version recipe
Yam 300 g、Japanese soup stock 150 ml、100 ml milk、3 tablespoons white miso、Pizza cheese 40 g、Coarse grind a little black pepper
Peel the skin (1)、適当なサイズにカットした山芋と和風出汁白味噌をミキサーに入れます
(2) (1) in a pot place、牛乳を入れて伸ばしつつ火を入れてピザチーズを入れて溶かし混ぜ
③蒸すまたは下茹でした人参スナップえんどう花芽プチヴェール、Shiitake mushroom、Tomato、Winner、バゲット等を②に付けていただきます
Okay, during stretches in the milk of your choice!


North Starさんのレシピは勿論美味しいと思いますが比較的とろみが少ないようでしたので
Up too dense to use milk instead of water


"Waku Waku square salad"
Pre-leaf walk Beach North opened as a new store "Excited about Piazza."
赤水菜、Arugula、花芽プチヴェールの茎、Baby leaf、プチトマト等を
"Orio extraveluzine di Oliva arcade' Happy with homemade lemon vinaigrette.


ESCUDO ROJO 2011 Chile Red
The other day、試飲した「OPUS ONE Opus one 2011"The red wine I had selected in relation
A big wine makers produced Opus one world-leading inBaron Philippe de Rothschild
In Spain,"Escudo"TheThe "shield""Rojo"The"Red"Means and
Is the Chilean wine of intense flavor combines strength and elegance.


"AG-Derma coarsely ground sausage smoked workshop '
"WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER"ofMr. and Mrs. Onoにいただいたアグ~豚のあらびきソーセージ
OnoSan、Yukiko YukikoAnd I thank you!


Vongole Bianco Yam version
The Asari-necked earlierYam fondueThe base in
牛乳とピザチーズを入れる前の山芋300g、Japanese soup stock 150 ml、3 tablespoons white misoを仕上げに時に少量混ぜて作るパスタ
Invest with plenty of garlic and Italy chilies (peperoncini Piccoli)


' Shizuoka sodachi shacks sauteed with garlic "
It is perfect for us poor fat fleshy!
シャクシを下味を付けて常温に戻してから、Sauteed with garlic and、フランスの岩塩でいただきます
The side dish is、奥三河の生椎茸、Mash、Carrot、スナップえんどう
あっさりとしたシャクシは、Very soft、肉本来のじんわりとした甘みが楽しめます♪


Cheese platter
Pannier hamakita shop
And I'm in purchased "Fermier Fermier」さんのエポワスハーフにゴルゴンゾーラ、24Months aged Parmesan cheese。
Like a wine Burgundy
Local wine pomace in salt water plus hard liquor made from pomace 'Mar de Bourgogne'
Dense and beautiful skin in gradually raising the percentage of Mar liquor created Orange inside。
Powerful and subtle flavor to the finished、Will feel even refined sweetness in the aftertaste。
Have a delicious wine and cheese day、おうちクッキングで至福の時間を過ごしましょう♪


You can buy today's wine and cheese ↓ ↓ ↓

WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER wine boutique Hairbow hamakita shop
Hamamatsu, hamakita-Ku, precious cloth proposal 1,200 pre-leaf walk hamakita 1F TEL:053-489-6145
Hours of operation:9:30-21:30Closed on Mondays:Free

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