Cooking with Akira Hokuto was broadcast in solving nainaiancer Yam Fondue Recipe!


Akira Hokuto Yam fondue arrange version
The TV showNTVMr.Resolution nainaiancerIn that broadcast 'Akira HokutoButtobashi recipes"In the
3Broadcast March 24,The "Yam fondue"The Japanese elements are also incorporated with Yam recipe
Because it was feeling like you simply and fondue、My cooking time.

Hokuto Akira's Yam fondue recipes
Yam 300 g、3 cups of water、120 ml white dashi soy、5 tbsp white miso、Pizza cheese 45 g
Peel the skin (1)、Yam was cut to a suitable size and white dashi soy、White miso、3 cups of water into the Blender。
(2) (1) in a pot place、Stirring not to burn、If you shi出shitara might just Cook pizza cheese, melted and mixed ability!。
(3) steam or Parboil the broccoli and carrots、Daikon radish、Winner、Bread, etc. (2) with will。

ayaco Yam fonduhallenge version recipe
Yam 300 g、Japanese soup stock 150 ml、100 ml milk、3 tablespoons white miso、Pizza cheese 40 g、Coarse grind a little black pepper
Peel the skin (1)、Yam was cut to a suitable size and Japanese-style broth、White miso into the mixer。
(2) (1) in a pot place、Put the milk, put a fire growing、Put the pizza cheese, melted mix
In CHOY、Coarse freshly ground black pepper to your liking, 振り掛ければ is completed.。
(3) steam or Parboil the carrots、Snap peas if、Bud PAL、Shiitake mushroom、Tomato、Winner、Baguettes, etc (2) as to be。
(* The ingredients、What you like in the fridge is fine)
Because large amounts of、(1) before putting the milk and cheese, and fractions in a ziploc and freezing、Is possible to use several times。
Okay, during stretches in the milk of your choice!


North StarIs it the recipe、I'd of course delicious、So relatively thick was
Arrange version tried to make fondue more easy-related ingredients。
Up too dense to use milk instead of water
Completion of a thick delicious Yam fondue。
In the Yam taste simply because、I really eat your veggies!


"Waku Waku square salad"
Pre-leaf walk Beach North opened as a new store "Excited about Piazza."
Water dish、Arugula、PAL floral stems、Baby leaf、With cherry tomatoes, etc.
"Orio extraveluzine di Oliva arcade' Happy with homemade lemon vinaigrette.


ESCUDO ROJO 2011 Chile Red
The other day、The tasting "OPUS ONE Opus one 2011"The red wine I had selected in relation
A big wine makers produced Opus one world-leading inBaron Philippe de Rothschild
Is the flagship wines in Chile。
In Spain,"Escudo"TheThe "shield""Rojo"The"Red"Means and
Attached is the name of a Rothschild = red shield family、1 book of feelings。
Is the Chilean wine of intense flavor combines strength and elegance.


"AG-Derma coarsely ground sausage smoked workshop '
"WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER"ofMr. and Mrs. OnoAG received from coarsely ground pork sausage。
From simply boiled and sauteed lightly、MAILLEThe mustard seed in will。
Big sausage、To play with in Jusici and concentrated flavor and is delicious!
OnoSan、Yukiko YukikoAnd I thank you!


Vongole Bianco Yam version
The Asari-necked earlierYam fondueThe base in
Before putting the milk and pizza cheese Yam 300 g、Japanese soup stock 150 ml、3 tablespoons white misoMake the finish when mixed with small pasta。
Invest with plenty of garlic and Italy chilies (peperoncini Piccoli)
Finished with a thick, spicy vongole Bianco。
As a thick ingredients grated potatoes and taro、It is also applied in the Lotus root, etc.!


' Shizuoka sodachi shacks sauteed with garlic "
Brand-name beef in Shizuoka in Shizuoka and Shaka steudel、In the parts of the arm shoulder meat、You have no idea in the low-fat red meat is。
It is perfect for us poor fat fleshy!
Shaka beforehand and then bring to room temperature、Sauteed with garlic and、Will France halite。
The side dish is、Of fresh shiitake mushrooms、Mash、Carrot、Snap peas if。
The easily and Shax、Very soft、Flesh of dust can also enjoy the sweetness!


Cheese platter
Pannier hamakita shop
And I'm in purchased "Fermier Fermier"And it's e POWs half gorgonzola cheese、24Months aged Parmesan cheese。
Must be accompanied by honey, blue mold。
A half-size epovass、2Ideal for our family of husband and wife。
Like a wine Burgundy
Local wine pomace in salt water plus hard liquor made from pomace 'Mar de Bourgogne'
While washing the surface is carefully aged。
Dense and beautiful skin in gradually raising the percentage of Mar liquor created Orange inside。
Powerful and subtle flavor to the finished、Will feel even refined sweetness in the aftertaste。
Have a delicious wine and cheese day、Spend a blissful hour in home cooking.


You can buy today's wine and cheese ↓ ↓ ↓

WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER wine boutique Hairbow hamakita shop
Hamamatsu, hamakita-Ku, precious cloth proposal 1,200 pre-leaf walk hamakita 1F TEL:053-489-6145
Hours of operation:9:30-21:30Closed on Mondays:Free

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