"Platinum Hotel" Check out at spared parting with heart full staff


Idyllic New Taipei Xindian District who is also a Taipei bed Town
2015One day in October.Soft opened deluxe hotel in the "PLATINUM HOTEL"。
210,000 6千 in the vast area of square meters、Around the Green and surrounded by forests full of、
From the hustle and bustle of the big city one step away、But not too country、
It will be the appropriate hotel to spend a quiet moment ♪


Finish checkout at the front desk、Ask the taxi can be arranged.


It is in the front office manager
Lin Shuo, Bernard Lin (aka:Bernard)The、For was being out in the open、
Did not meet in the hotel、
Instead of、Hotel front desk managerSaint Yong Chen (aka:Yoyo's)is
I was please really well! (Xie Xie!)
So I will be busy, and for the Grand opening、
We are looking forward to be able to keep you waiting Eye next spring ♪


You arrange a taxi、Go to the nearest MRT station。
Basic、Taiwan taxi drivers、Not to mention the Japan term、
Conversation in English is hard for、Advance、Must have a Chinese surname destination、
If the hotel、No problem because it will tell you where。
You sure you have everything you need in、Let's get in the cab.


Local atmosphere can enjoy "And sightseeing in Hungnam Night light"That will be held nightly in the streets here。
Night in the city of new Taipei City neutralization,、During the shopping street lined with booths stalls and chatting。
Because the various atmosphere, such as city streets at night、Easier、
"Every night market"It is one of the big features that Southeast Asia-based exotic restaurant are lined up like ♪


"PLATINUM HOTEL"The location is、MRTMatsuyama Xindian lineThe Terminal,
Xindian station (Cindy Engen)Approximately in a more taxi10 minute area
Or of MRTAnd new reed lineThe Terminal,
Nanshijiao Station (Nancy Zhao Jean)The approximately by taxi from10 minute areaTo become、
Would be preferred in a station which is about the same distance。


Go to the、Xindian station (Cindy Engen)More room is、
On the way back、Nanshijiao Station (Nancy Zhao Jean)From、
Fashionable streets ofLoyalty and filial pietyDunhua areaTo think you want to go。
Next in line、Loyalty and filial pietyDunhua areaThe introduction!

Location:An Xindian District, New Taipei City Rd 77

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