"Humble House Taipei" Hugo Sheng GM interview! Give to Japanese tourists message


Taipei's major tourist attractions as a tourist office I shall be "Taipei 101"And、
And packed the popular spots of gourmet and large shoppingXinyi districtTo
2013/11To open since about five star "Humble House Taipei"。
"Le Méridien Taipei"And in the same Group、
Contemporary art and antiques、Flower design、A wide range of hotel services and food and beverage management has been
"My Humble House Hospitality Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
Humble House TaipeiThe、As a hotel management company brand will be first!
Ranging from the launch of the current management、
Skill and merit praise given、Humble House TaipeiOfGeneral ManagerThe appointment is、Hugo Sheng
This time the、GMOfHugoThat you for your time、Will be interviewed.


This time、Japan Japanese interpreters assigned to the、Account managerKay Wang
Please respond in a very fluent Japan language!


General Manager Hugo Sheng

"Grand Formosa Regent Hotel Taipri"In the、
Experience as a punctual start、
After that "Spring Park Urai Spa & Resort"In the、
Served as Director of sales & marketing、
2004In the year "My Humble House Hospitality Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
-"In joining、
"Sheraton Taipei Hotel"In the、
Food & was engaged as Executive Assistant Manager beverage long、
Contributions and merit praise given、2012Was launched in
"Humble House Taipei"The discretion everything from the launch、
Humble House TaipeiOfGeneral ManagerThe has been appointed。


Account Manager Kay Wang


Marketing Communications Manager Sasha Hsieh


Humble House TaipeiThe "Art in Life"、"Life in Art"The world is integrated、
Great experience which combines art, culture, and the hotel is waiting for。
Not to mention the knowledge of art in art、Also employed modern art、
So here's a target audience age young generation enjoying mainly middle-generation are being wished。
Current、Humble House TaipeiUsed for Japanese guests、There is still so much、
You want to know the splendor of this hotel very muchHugoThe spoke。
At the recently held only count down party、In front of me "Taipei 101"For while experiencing the spectacular fireworks display、
Introduction to staff、The dawn of a new year with many guests is a shared moment and its joy。
While many buildings downtown、Because many filled with nature and green spaces、
Sincerely hope to relax as an oasis in the big city and、Let's talk about us。
Try new activities in the emerging area of Sinyi district area developmentHumble House TaipeiThe challenge begins。


Over approximately a one-hour interview、Does not end with just for me!
We also enjoy our food discourse。
HugoTo ask for the genre of the most favorite dishes and、The base like Shanghai cuisine、
From a good source and a good balance of sweet and sour bean、I liked the rice of Japan and were glad! (I)
The original、HugoThe wife also in the hotel industry long served us from being、
We like you like traveling in、Hotels in the travel and food、
And the high degree of attention to enhancing the lifestyle seems to have。
And the importance of spending time in family and couples、What with the peace of mind of the real
It feels natural, lovely and。
Such a thingHugoTogether with the staff to give youHumble House Taipei in、
Many guests will stay at Hotel、Really fashionable and stylish、
And it's design and art、High interests such as food、Age far younger and、Lively and、
And there are always Hotel enjoyed good sensitivity of。
I'm looking forward to、Precisely how to spend smart and meaningful lifestyle、
Would want to visit hotel。


Hugo GM finally nice the photo with you!
Precious time thank you!
(Much appreciated!)


After lunch so you can check out、Asked late check-out at the front desk。
But in a short time、While playing in the art、Hearts could be spent any meaningful time to rest!


Humble House TaipeiNow、With a smile you could welcome you!


6The reception on the floor than on the first floor to floor、Father carrying heavy luggage and all、
From the taxi can be arranged for your onward flight to、The very good service!


Though it was indebted to you and leave、Go to your next destination!
"Humble House Taipei"For you guys、
Really care now! (Xie Xie!)

Humble House Taipei
Location:Taipei Xinyi, pine channel 18 No.
TEL:+886 2 6631 8000

Taipei Xinyi, pine channel 18 No.

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