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Tower rental apartments adjacent to the Yotsuike park "Park View Yotsuike"ofladeThere renovation planning the first series to be produced "High floor modelIs finished safely、The second edition of the renovation plan that had been promoted as the next initiativeMiddle floor modelAs well as report that we have successfully completed、We will inform you of the announcement of the private meeting! This、Who designed the three rooms on the middle floor?、Number of residential design and construction、Containers can result in、Even in so it is produced from the store's design、And specializes in total coordination、In the recent、Been handled also play large hotel renovation and revival "ALAIN DESIGN Alan designI asked Mr. and Mrs. Nakane of]! The renovation of the middle floor、Each room has a theme、I tried to create a space where i could enjoy the individuality of the room.。For those who move in"I want to live in this room!"Aiming to create a space that seems to be、Ideally, it will be a room where you want to show off your commitments to your friends and family♪

Middle floor renovation Room
Rent each ¥ 95,000 common service costs 5,000 yen


405 roomThe theme of"The house is a small museum"Entitled、We are creating a room where you can enjoy the display that attracts you at home.。2One of the Japanese-style rooms that were continuous for a long time was made into a Western-style room.、Renovation taking advantage of the goodness of flavor and Western of flavor of the sumHas。As for the floor of the apartment for rent、It is easy to use a lot of cheap cushion floors in the past.、This time the、It takes hard tile carpet burden on the foot knee hip it is widely used in hotels and hospitalsAnd then use the、From the entrance part to the luxury between each WesternFull flat(※There is a step only in the Japanese-style room)。Warm in winter、Cool in summer、1Because it is easy to replace each piece、Tile carpet cleaning care is also easy。In the living room、By placing a pale blue wallpaper and decorative shelves full of cleanliness、It's like a little bit"Museum"Has been transformed into an art space like! The Japanese-style room between the other is made a tatami mat without the helicopter.、We propose a modern, open and calming Japanese space.。By removing the many walls and doors that tend to be seen in apartments that have passed years、eliminating the closed space、The room where the family exchange is easy to be born is completed♪



506 roomThe theme of"Dwelling such as Cafe"Entitled、Dining boldlyCafeDirected like! Italian tiles are used for the kitchen counter.、There is also a decorative shelf at the counter.。You may want to display your favorite café books, cups and utensils to enjoy a cup of coffee.。All sides of the wall of the dining room are painted with blackboard painting.、It can be used as a family message board with free thinking.。Enjoy a home party with a menu of lunch and dinner for the day、A note to leave in a little absence、and use it to teach children's studies.、It will be a place where communication between families is born.。Using the wallpaper of Ha-Lequeen made in Britain luxuriously in the living room、On the floor、By using a luxury cushion floor for imported stores、It is finished in the view of the world as if it is in the café in Northern Europe♪



706 roomThe theme of"Ouchi library"Entitled、The walls of the living room and dining are made into bookshelves.、In the whole"Library"proposed making room like。On this bookshelf、I'm also good at luxury, Mr. Alan.Cedar three-layer J panelIs using。Cedar three-layer J panel (30 mm plate)The、Cedar tree is a timber of Shizuoka Prefecture Oi basinUsed、In the local Shimada City, clickPills Star Industries, Ltd.I'm making in。J panelThe、Not only as structural materials、Has a unique expression as an interior material、It is a new material that you can enjoy the beauty of the small mouth of three layers of cedar material。Also、Product DesignerMakoto KoizumiBeautiful furniture is also made by the design by Mr.。An important love reading is always in the place where it is visible! Enjoy the layout of the book freely、You'll be able to complete your own library.。And、On this floor.It takes hard tile carpet burden on the foot knee hip it is widely used in hotels and hospitalsAnd then use the、From the entrance part to the luxury between each WesternFull flat(except around the water)。While lying on the tile carpet with a good touch、Enjoy an elegant holiday to enjoy your favorite reading♪


Renovation of three rooms on the middle floor full of individuality completed according to the theme of each room。This time、Alan's interior coordinator for the interior coordination of this placeNakane EmikoMr. Was in charge of。With curtains and furniture、The charm of the room is increasing even more。This room is always available, so please contact lade in advance.。

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Park View Yotsuike

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