Parkview 四tsu池, body trunk training Studio "TAiKAN" pre-opening day decision! Introduction of facilities


Next to 四tsu池 Park、Green space filled with towering Tower apartments "Park View Yotsuike"The、Future "Nature and health"Concept of、Green our idyllic surroundings for this place.。As part of its efforts、Apartment on the first floor opened in the autumn of this yearBody stem training Studio "TAiKAN"We've completed! One room of the apartment on the first floor three-bedroom walls taken was paid、The spacious 1 bedroom、Has renovated and spacious Fitness Studio。It is possible that hard training in putting the side glass on the wall's training landscape, ensuring。The floor is、Knee、Waist with less carpet tiles。We selected a pale green carpet to fit the space surrounded by green 四tsu池。Studio、3-6 to accommodate small training Studio wishes and oh my goodness is possible even if personal training。Trainer、As a national trainerYamada Makoto ShingoDoes the teacher (pictured right)。Yamada trainer、In training coaching career 13-year veteran trainer、Now, is 200 times more than one-on-one training guidance、Activities include classroom teaching, such as stretching for rich in experience with confidence, you can leave the body build.


Flying dog


Side bridge


Crunch twist


Pre-opening day Studio、201411-14 (Fri)And will be。"So training hell what do you for?"Do you think of your。First of all, take courses.

Experience course dates:2014/11/14(Friday)
Time:9:00-10:15(75 minutes) * including description
Capacity::6Name (appointment only)
What to bring:Easy-to-wear clothes you can exercise (example:T shirt、Short shorts, etc.)
Slippers shoes, socks, towels, bottled water ( locker rooms equipped with wear-friendly replacement )

Book reception TEL:090-9876-3700(Trainer:Shingo Yamada)
Often phone,,, * during training、Is the e-book and I am happy.。
Reservations accepted

Body stem training Studio TAiKAN
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, y. 3-14-13 in the Parkview 四tsu池

Park View Yotsuike

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