"Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport" kara Taiwan capital Taipei の "Taoyuan International Airport" understands the March flight


2013 June,Has been certified as a World Heritage Site in the "Mt. Fuji"Shizuoka Prefecture Makinohara there is
2009 June,It has been opened in "Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport"And then use the、
In the gateway of the Taiwan capital of Taipei "Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"To go。
Flight time19:40 nightWe will、This airport is fairly compact for、
If check-in approximately 1 hour prior to departure、Not a problem in the absence of much trouble。
Even before leaving the country too early、But in the airport lounge facilities、
Note because the waiting room is crowded with cases。
Assuming the case usually crowded at larger airports and trouble、
2About time we recommend prior to check-in early.


1F China Airlines check-in counter

China AirlinesThe economy-classFree checked baggage allowance (suitcase)The、
1Case20kgUp and regulated。
Carry-on baggageThe、As a general rule would be one per。
You may bring a carry-on baggage、
3Sum of the sides115cm withinAndW23cmxH36cmxD56cm withinIn weighing7kg withinAnd will be。
Baggage exceeding standard size and carry bag、During your flightChecked baggage allowanceLump and。
Carry-on baggageThe restrictions are、Especially womenLiquid carry-on inCosmetic products (lotions, gels, creams etc)The note is required。
Liquid、Each100ml containersTo put the、
All of the containerWith a resealable transparent plastic bag(Total 40 cm below aspect bags) in the storage and、1L withinThere are provisions to。
Checking is less.、Be prepared to defend the provision.

Click here for airlines checked baggage or carry-on baggage!


Security checkpointAt、And the passenger in the cabin baggage
The passengers ' possessionsSecurity checkIn the finish the immigration、
Until boarding time、2Will be waiting in a F international flight boarding area。
流emashitaa designated flight announcement、Go to the boarding gate, you gettin.


Last time also this aircraft on domestic routes and LCC of the compact size of the householdB737Is!


While enjoying the night view from the sky in Shizuoka、It is approximately 3 hours of flight.
For the short flight time、To stabilize the aircraft and、Provides in-flight food and beverage service soon、
The cabin attendant、Each Chinese.、English、Speaking in Japan, so it is safe。
During the flight、And runs movie set、
Fitting for earphones、Seat next to the translation code channel"Japan language"To set the watch。
The film was getting to this day、"Alvin 4 road tip"。
Alvin the Chipmunks sing and dance、Simon、Stir the odwa three
Was the hit comedy struggles in the United States.


It is between、To eat、By the time end up watching the movie、
"Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport"To arrive at。
Even though spring is approaching in Japan、3But later this month will still feel the chill in the night、
Undergoing a climate in Taiwan。
Ideal with light coat will one、You might choose a simple attachment/detachment。
People are afraid of long journey、Flight time approximately 3 hours and only in a short period of timeTaiwanThe say that special trip!

Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport


Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

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