Michelin one-star six Bliss surround and wood French Le Sputnik foodies want their birthday lunch


Last year2014March 5In this "Tokyo Midtown' In a 'The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo"Held
"Maserati Japan co., Ltd."Sponsored by"Maserati 100 year anniversary celebration"Buri Roppongi。
This day teaser for foodies、Roppongi Michelin one-star French restaurant for lunch and let's!


5Daikanyama consecutive years won the Michelin one-star French restaurant
"Le jeu de l ' assiette Le Jeux de l'assiette"In that served as a chefTakahashi YujiroThe chef2015On July 20th.In the independent、
French restaurants were open "Le Le sputnik Sputnik"。
Place、Roppongi 7-Chome "Tokyo Midtown"From the narrow street opposite the、
"National Art Center, Tokyo"Which went towards the new building"Ritmone Roppongi"Of the located on the 1st floor、
Roppongi StationThanWithin a 5-minute walkCentre said.


Was the origin of the name "Sputnik"The、
Is the world's first unmanned satellites of the former Soviet Union named、Originally in Russia "Companions & families"Becomes a term for。
For being used with the definite article "le" in France "Le Le sputnik Sputnik"As.。
Respect the avant-garde, flexible attitude of France's recent words in other countries to their word、
That want to try new traditions of France dishes while also feeling trapped、
And the new proposal comes from the traditional companions、To enjoy the fleeting trip named hope。

Takahashi Yujiro profile

1977Born in Fukuoka Prefecture、After graduating from college to College of culinary arts。
France food is apt to study、And training at the Tokyo restaurant、2004In France。
3One-star restaurant "Le Pavillon Ledoyen ledoyen"Introduction、Bistro、Boulangerie、Pastries, etc.、
EESC specialized in each area.、2007Come back in。
Chef "Le jeu de l ' assiette Le Jeux de l'assiette"But five years continuous one-star Michelin。
2015In July, the independent、Roppongi restaurant "Le Le sputnik Sputnik"Open and、To the present。

2001In Tokyo in the restaurant
2004At ledoyen (three-star restaurant)
Chez-Rami June (Bistro)
Maisonkyse (Boulangerie)
Pandshkul (Patisserie)
2007Nouvel air (one-star restaurant) Marunouchi sous chef
2009In Le Jeux de l'assiette (one-star restaurant) daikanyama chef
20152010 National Open chef Le Sputnik restaurant Roppongi


White colours and the simple、Calm spaces using a binary search tree。
Look over the cellar kitchen、Just like the laboratory atmosphere、
The scene reflected a slight gap、Is filled with the presence。
In the shop、2-Three completely private use、6Room names、And、4Includes 3 seater tables、Total 20 seats。
A bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling、Carbon light bulbs (Edison light bulb)。
Thomas Edison invented the first、In a simple light bulbs used carbon filaments (thin line of metal inside the bulb)、
Even without a simple light bulb、Feel the warmth inside a wonderful charity.。
Lunch、Dinner、Menu is only one Corse!

Lunch Menu 6000 Yen
12:00-13:00 (L. o.) / 15:30(Close)
(Tax、10% service charge)
Dinner Menu 10000 Yen / 15,000Circle
18:00-20:30(L. o.) / 23:00(Close)
(Tax、10% service charge)


The restaurant、Announcer known in the foodieMiyagawa ShunjiIs it to introduce、
"SYS inc."The PresidentSugita Masashi.
Beauty Food Business CoordinatorKabun KoAnd it is sprinkled.


Free announcerMiyagawa ShunjiSan

The other day、MiyagawaCoral line theToyamaTo when turned、That we we coordinate here、
After that、While we communicate on Facebook、We are happy to Exchange various information。
In Yokohama, long live theMiyagawaMr. a、There's old friend
H. h. Okubo (known as:Okubo was POO)The restaurant "FA NIENTE"With regular customers from the age!
Now、In Spanish "Mira! Mila!"And Italian"Barbaro"The two stores are operatedOkubo was immediatelyThat is the、
MiyagawaWith the、He has been dating long, family and surprise!
Still a really small world is (laughs)
MiyagawaMr. a、Also in the Japan Sommelier Association certified wine expert、
2015On October 28.The、Was awarded the title of Sommelier of honour、Public and private are both familiar with the wine.


"SYS inc."Masashi Kaoru of the President

SugitaMr. a、Luxury hotels & ryokan、Develop the WEB reservation system for restaurants、Approximately 1,500 facilities has been introduced、
To the facility made to flexible system to customize the designs and items will be accepted、Boasts the No. 1 share in Japan。
Now、As a next-generation travel services "Every recipe"Has been launched。
Every recipeThe、You can find itineraries recommended by someone familiar with the local (recipes)、Customize your own user、
Is the first travel site can be completed up to book。
Each recipe Kanazawa versionNow、
Local hotel concierge、Taxi driver、Food analyst with local seasonal information、Through the information。
In the future、Are scheduled nationwide!


Beauty Food Business Coordinator Ko Kabun

Taiwan-bornKoMr. a、While currently placed offices in Tokyo、Inbound tourism from Asia and Central and、
As a bridge between Taiwan and Japan and、
Provided restaurant information of high quality that suits the client's needs, such as。
Just、And will be returning to next 1 月 早々、
Because it merges our Taipei trip schedule、We will also join Taipei!


The sommelierArakawaLet's see there is poor food? "And、Us to review each、
Is the start of the lunch.


"Gosset-Brabant Tradition Premier Cru" France champagne

1584 year、Eye village on the border of the Vallée de la Marne and the Montagne de Reims established strongholds since、
4For centuries are being managed。
And ahead by Gabriel Gosset producers both to start in the 1930s、
Michelle hits today, his grandson, Christian Gosset will mainly、100%Eye village of Grand Cru as 9.55 ha vineyard farmed。
Adopt Rutt rezone、More on the idea of making the grapes that reflect the terroir's most important、
To maximize and fruity charm is done brewing separately for each parcel。
Eye village, and this region's premier Pinot Noir producing villages and Boney and Bougie、
Its grapes are very graceful and combines strength and、Consistently, while rich granularity。
The Gosset Wallonian、While there are verve and、Rich in finesse、Elegant style。
Is the standard cuvée、Is a bottle of champagne from the village I feel!


"Suzette nub of banded grouper and cucumber citrus marinated Tomatoes.

With foam made from tomato consomme、Banded grouper marinated cucumber and gently wrapped、
Dried tomato powder and shake、Amuse our by tidbit or two about。
Day by day、Changing ingredients, provided。
Sweet Sour tomato foam、Transderma popped refreshing in the mouth、
Enjoy a taste of the crispy cucumber、Appetite to drive and dish.


"Churros purple sweet potato Boudin Cornu Goro Island gold"

2In a kind of sweet potato to enjoy 1 dish、And the churros with Goro Island gold potato、
Purple potato chips to reverse three pyramid-shaped roll in the shape of Cornet、With the Boudin mousse、They stuffed with Apple chutney.。
Sweet potatoes with sesame seeds is excellent、When pulled in and us Sesame clad's intact、
Enjoy the aroma of black sesame seeds、Sweet potato and flavour increases、
Crispy and taste every flavor of waves.


Here you will、France produced mainly full-time 120 list available、
Thorough cooking of Chef sommelierTamura.、While changing the stock depending on the season、
Per table、Or provide each one of our wines.


"Pouilly Fume 2014 Domaine Serge Dagueneau "France Loire

Live in the village of Peltier from Doug Noland House、1830In a winemaking from year lineage、
The Serge from Doug Noland、2Has a wine with a daughter who is Valerie (born in 1970) and Florence (born 1969)。
1988Referred to since the best of Genis-Pouilly
Silex (flint aromas:Soil mineral flavor in Sauvignon Blanc) has fields with Saint Andorra area。
And went to work in the field since 1988, biodynamic farming、
Herbicides removes weeds without the use of a plough on a regular basis、Without the use of chemical fertilizers, and use only a small amount of organic fertilizer。
With "La levée du Van de France" even four stars, as well as Robert Parker's。
A bright greenish-yellow clear、Acacia and pomegranate flowers、A bouquet of Quince、Is mineral.、
Smokey flavor similar to a typical flintlock、
Is pleasing to finish acidity balance.、White easy-to-drink!


"Mille-Feuille of turnips and scallops.

Take up water thinly sliced turnip、Grapefruit、And scallops marinated in citrus fruits such as orange top、
Mille-Feuille of finishing.、1 plate with citrus jelly。
Mille-Feuille of scallop and turnip are also what is also beautiful、
Guests can enjoy a clear and refined taste.


"Turnip consomme.

Without any water、A simple soup only turnips and salt。
Even the hot taste from a cold turnip 1 plate、I feel the double the fun!


Graduate employment of new staffOkamotoSan。
"Kamachi Toho"The instruments placed in his hands to、Still feel the freshness.


"Deep fried smelt and burdock.

Finishing at wrapped around fried smelt sliced burdock root、
1 dish is artfully to deep fried burdock root out the height of。
Deep fried burdock's and decorations、We tasted the pond smelt hypomesus olidus。
Crispy outside、While soft and deep fried smelt、
With Burdock earthy aroma to enjoy our friendly helpful.


"Chateau de Navailles Jurancon" South-West France

The ch Navaillus、1640Buy John Navailles, in、Then the France revolution confiscated Castle、
PEYRE Lacommond on sale。
In that case、4-Hectare vineyard is owned Ch Navailles、
In this field、It is the origin of the name of this wine winemaking continued。
Grapes are cultivated in the hills and part of terraced fields、
The field includes soil containing sand, clay and pebbles。
Yellow peach、Karin、Image of dried fruit and、
Passion fruit、Guests can feel the acid, pineapple flavor.


"Foie gras Terrine with orange flavor.

Spices and cinnamon sticks、Clove、The anise tuile.、
Sandwiched with foie gras were charged with grammaniebiter liqueur、
Chocolate soil and provided with fig 1 plate。
Foie gras offers us two different styles.


"Rose red beet and foie gras.

TakahashiGorgeous 1 dish signature dishes can be said。
Won't be the delights are not leaked out in front of this woman!
The elaborate rose petals、Candy craft materials, such as according to the beet puree, type in without、Be dried at low temperature。
Red jelly age sheet put a foie gras terrine, and units、
Other rose to form the petals、-Painted branches and leaves of the beet sauce and powder flowing in the margin of the plate design、
Produced the spread、Sensitive to this!。
"Kamachi Toho"The Crimson shining Platinum plate、
1 plate so hesitant to eat、Though、Rose of one wheel.


"Maisonkyse baguette.

Using natural yeast.、Stuck to the traditional method of France "Maison Kayser maisonkyse"The baguette has been adopted。
A nice scent of wheat、As you bite into sweet, more、Baguettes taste to feel the depth is.


"Domestic mushroom crepe grass poached egg.

During the crepe place、White Li mushrooms sautéed、Abalone Mushroom、Ta Moggi mushrooms、Concealed domestic mushrooms, mushroom、
Served with ice cream of mushroom and poached egg。
Playing the duo made with mushroom extract and milk source is the source、酔ishiremasu the aroma of the mushrooms soft and Misty。
Blend the powder onto the finely chopped truffles and mushrooms。
And finished by cold sensation sharpened、1 dish to entertain a complex taste.


"mercurey 2009 Domaine lorenzon "France Burgundy

1987Since the oldest head Bruno lorenzon said in、Keep rising star Domaine always shines in the West。
For that buy all-star 3-star Taillevent in Paris,、
Difficult to obtain in recent years has become (in touch 20000 annual degree)、Allocation to Japan has become very slightly。
Bruno said,、But cultivation in New Zealand and oenology in English classes、
New generation with broad insight into actually made the wines at local wineries。
France takes on the traditional cultivation and brewing techniques and、Advanced winemaking using only the best of the latest scientific techniques to。
Also、Even now、Winery owned by friends of South Africa in cultivation and vinification, each year we、Not content with the status quo continues to progress、
If Bruno's winemaking to express in one word perfect in、Without any compromise between the work people。
The cultivation、The total for the first five fields、Managed by dealing with farming (Rutt Redzone)、
Even though the vineyards planting density on par with Château of Bordeaux 1、20~ 30 hl said with a low yield、The terroir is reflected。
Taste is full、Good natural acid、Fruit and spicy feel feel feel the goodness!


Mousse of sea bream steamed conger

The sea bream、Steamed turbot steamed soft without burning。
With a mousse made from Surimi Conger next to、Mushroom soup、Garnish the soup from hamo's bones and body。
Had an elegant soup with hamo and Matsutake mushrooms、Exudes a whipped cream filled with Japanese elements.


"Paul Garaudet Monthelie 1er Cru Duresses" France Burgundy

Paul Garrod also said that the father of a sandwich is、Name a sandwich in the world known man made、
Not only was the appellation、Listen to more energy as Chairman of the Association of a sandwich so far、Highly rated。
The Domaine is、It was previously controller LaFont contract growers。
Current controller LaFont from grapes grown brewing up consistent go.、Before head Dominique LaFont、
Was building a wine by letting the grape-growing peasants。
The wines of the Domaine Paul Garrod、They affected controllers LaFont、Exudes a flavor rich in complexity and long finish。
Paul garde wines are always full of fruit、It is very thick。
And have the personality of each cuvée of all、It maintains a high-quality, consistent。
But we found this wonderful Domaine、In the United States as a most conscientious and competent wine importers、
It was Robert Parker appreciated Peter vesan。
He's in Paris living in Burgundy wine expert.、Are very good at finding excellent Domaine in the anonymous ability。
In wine ratings book called the wine version Michelin "claimant"、
Paul garde wines is a bargain、Is the critically acclaimed should stock corner。
Like this、High-quality wine and from reasonable prices attract attention in France domestic and、
Paul garde himself、The idea of a perfect wine does not exist under、Conducts a wine aiming for higher-quality。
Give off a pale Ruby color、MOSS and mushrooms、Aroma reminiscent of soil、Join the nuances of the game and wild strawberries、
Strong, spicy、There's like a volnay huge、Silk and is such a smooth taste.


"France from Colvert sources army.

This time we are、TakahashiAlso chef "To travel with the series"The efforts to meet the、
"Gaku Syakunaga"In rings plates (32 cm) and black glazed dish (28 cm)"Le Le sputnik Sputnik"To have、
To provide collaboration! (Thank you)
MiyagawaFrom Mr. "Chopsticks、Min、Even if mai食 materials、My instrument is for the first time!"And、That seems amazing.、
Explain the effect that you like this approach、Your support and cooperation!
TakahashiChef、Listen to your、Thank you very much for your busy!
The blue neck duck、The breast meat is roasted duck broth and red wine sauce with you、
Thigh bone、And、Shoulder meat and minced, to croquet for crispy、Align the carrot puree。
Is a region where you can enjoy a luxurious dish.


"Cassis、Milk ice cream、Merengue Blanc Cassis Cassis powder hung.

"Mont Blanc" is classic fall dessert、
This Mont Blanc are provided "Mont-Blanc-Cassis.。
So easy thank you for dessert of course and chestnut cream is fluffy and soft、I feel the lightness。
During the、Chestnut mousse、Cassis mousse、Milk sorbet、Crispy meringue。
Gentle sweet and makes you feel rich chestnut to black currant as good acidity to add、
Surprisingly light and views.


"Pear valrhona company CarrAmerica.

Repeatedly alternating blocks to mousse and chocolate tuile、
The lower、And caramelised Pear Compote、Is 忍bashite CarrAmerica iced PEAR hollowed inside。
Crunchy texture and a creamy smoothness、
And、The bitter taste of、Melt the Spiced and sweet mouth、Feel fun to eat、Such desserts。
In a beautiful pear shaped desserts、
Look at any 1 dish、Detailed work and carefully decorated、
TakahashiI feel tenderness for the chef's specialties.


"Finely chopped Kumamoto of hosui PEAR sorbet.

Jelly gheverztraminal (white wine)。


MiyagawaFrom Mr. "Congratulations on your birthday!"And、In a surprise、
11March 9To have celebrated my birthday celebration! (Thanks for inspiring! )
Gentle、And full of love、Graceful degradation、And above all,、Nice voiceMiyagawa!
Actually,、That will have similar glimpses of my father's youth.、Was feeling sense of intimacy without permission。
As I imagined、Though、Is it nice!
And、Thank you to everyone who join。
Mr./Ms. miyakawa、Mr. sugita、By the time、Takahashi chef、Thank you ♪


Free announcerMiyagawa ShunjiSan、
"SYS inc."Masashi Kaoru of the President、
Beauty Food Business Coordinator Ko Kabun photo.


Small sweets 'lemon tea shoe.



Located in kitamachi Nerima "Sakai coffee"Has been adopted。
After 39 years in the coffee company、With feelings like todrink coffee、
Kitamachi Nerima-Ku in specialty coffee beans "Sakai coffee"Stores。
To pursue the specialty coffee、Know the taste of the coffee cup test technology is very important and。
The owner is the coffee company age、As specialty coffee coffee beans around the many layered cup test、We will strive to improve the technology。
Or、Coffee origin visits their deeds.、Growth of coffee production、And piled up numerous studies、
Buy coffee's do Cap testing、Has been purchased more than 80 points in the standards of the specialty coffee beans only。
Such "Sakai coffee"In、TakahashiAs a fit chef dessert coffee "Sputnik blend"And we made it!
"Costa Rica Bellavista、Yego of Kenya、Guatemalan Rosario、Colombia Naranjo "The blend
Somewhat happy with the deep roasted full city roast.


In the lastTakahashi YujiroAround the chef, was to photograph!
MiyagawaSan、SugitaSan、KoSan、Taking your time in your busy schedule、Thank you very much for a nice lunch.

Le Le sputnik Sputnik
Address:Ritmone Roppongi 1F Roppongi 7-Chome 9-9 Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours of operation
Dinner18:00-20:30(L.o.)/ 23:00(Close)
Closed on Mondays:Monday

Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi 7-9-9

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