"WINE CLUB" Maserati collabo celebration! All you can drink champagne 41 species!

Every year、Delivered on the day of the sea "WINE CLUB HAMAMATSU" champagne party this year was held successfully、Great success ended!

This time the、Italy luxury cars luxury brand "MASERATI" to handle "Maserati Act City Hamamatsu"Us sponsorship、The venue "Musée Yotsuike"The Levante's first MASERATI SUV and other、Quattroporte、Ghibli、GranTurismo and lined up in a full lineup、Entertaining guests、I have been with venue!

The party "Orsay"、41Types of champagne appeared in order、"Musée 四tsu池 ' ofKatayama Hiroshi KuniyoshiWhile head chef will be offering BBQ on the terrace、
In every booth lined with beautiful finger food buffet style with champagne elegant moments.

The annual prestige champagne、"Louis Roederer crystal" and "Gosset Celebris'、"G.h.mmm Rene Lalo.、"Bollinger La Grande Annee.、"Nicolas Feuillatte Palmes d'Or.、"Piper Heidsieck Cuvée Rare" 出揃i、Can conquer this year almost all kinds of champagne、A favorite among particular impression remained deeply、It was 34.MOET CHANDON NECTAR IMPERIAL ROSE!

While enjoying the aroma and delicate taste、Were offered champagne to fit、To represent the city to the Patisserie "Abondance"ofBernard HeberleBeautiful suites they produce!
A refreshing acidity of the grape fruit cake or enjoy the scent of Levar ve、Cool image of the Maserati Maserati blue that care jelly、Which taste fine with women's place in the quickly that during the Holocene Grandpa!

And at the end also had exchanges with many people、"Champagne handed" held this year!
The correct answer is、GUY CHARLEMAGNE CUVÉE MESNILLÉSIME BLANC DE BLANCS 2005 next、Stunning、2005Commemorative photo with Masako Muranaka, and Chardonnay 100% focused on only his solo!
In Masako's answer、Muzzle Board enters the Champagne of the 41 species of Mysore (Crown) and is presented as a keepsake、It was very nice!

Also、Maserati Beach pines、Were presented with return transfers to people chosen by lottery.、FriendsTakehara Nikko Quaternary (Okinori Takehara).Toshiaki Ishizu (Toshiaki Ishizu)Just to capitalize, thanks to me when you can、An extension to your city at Levante and Ghibli、When it comes to party!

We were together at the champagne party、Thank you for a good time!




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