Wake up fatigue recovery in pure 'domestic honey' making of Honeyboy


Self-proclaimedGamblin' manClaiming to be、The local senior high school in makinohara andMitsuru Kawamura.、Now defunct when the fatherTakeshi KawamuraMr. Mark everlasting、BeekeeperAnd decided to run it in、Hot thinking not in the chest、Picked fresh pureDomestic honeyKindly insert! (My joy) in the mountains in our own、Put the little red berries in the fallMochino木From the honey collected from the。And mochino木、Also called aka aka mama、Also known as the general good luck plants。Is the viscosity.、Toro-was and is dense with potato honey、In the mouth gently up and melt、Have taste for elegant fragrances like cute flower herbs。Taste fresh feeling is also very refreshing! So not amounting to still sell in the production process of mass production, it is not available in the market、Next year and beyond、You want to gradually promote the nutcase。In order to enjoy such a valuable honey、In the morning with plenty of taste we meet!


Domestic honey soy milk French toast

Even getting bread with dust-free soy milk、Egg、Plus the honey mixture soak、French toast baked in butter。And dished up with、Once again、Garnish with plenty of honey! Moist fluffy is gone and premium、Morning Bliss at the elegant sweetness of sweet-smelling honey! Nutritional value of honey is very good and、The main ingredient isGlucose syrupAndFructoseAnd in the、Monosaccharides are simple so、Takes load in the stomach and intestines is absorbed into the body in a short period of time,。From these characteristics、And when the body is weak, tired or is、And physical fatigue after exercise、Can efficiently absorb nutrients、Vitamin B CountyOf working and effective rapidRecovery from fatigueIt is expected to produce。Is crucial to the、Despite having an equivalent sugar sweetness burned 50 kcal per 100 g as low、DietVery effective、Helps increase the good bacteria in the gut is、Because of the effectiveConstipation improvedAlso links。Excellent health and beauty foods and he should、Sounds very nice effect is packed!


"Britney's honey Orange marinade.

Yellowtail fillets with white wine vinegar、Orange jams、Honey、Can with baby leaf salad with marinated overnight in marinade Herbold added that。In very well with the fresh scent of the Orange、And eating greasy burritos can be!


"Ruby Grapefruit salad with honey.

Choy instruments in Ruby grapefruit is a deep, vivid red and sour taste honey, chopped、Spearmint,。Honey has mild grapefruit acidity and bitterness.、Spread eyes shinning with refreshing and sweet.


Ice coffee

Now delicious iced coffee! Busy Fukuroi home roasting coffee beans store "Blister and Japanese restaurant"Is it being sold at the summer-only"Ice blended"Don't buy is regretful that、Black coffee is so honey is not required (lol) just、Make summer sweetsCoffee jellyThat would have let the honey! Honey lemon last year even better and、I want to consider also the delicious meals prepared with honey! Mitsuru、Thanks for delivering the honey, thank you very much!BeekeeperAnd in the future will support very much!

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