Sponsored by the WINE CLUB HAMAMATSU No. 2 once Sparkling wine Party @ sanaruko Lake


In the last year as well asWINE BOUTIQUE PANIER wine boutique PannierThe Government invite you to Mr. t. OnoWINE CLUB HAMAMATSUHas joined the wine society organized referral system (12000 yen per person fee)。Location the best location overlooking Lake sanaru click here The Oriental terraceMr.!


Reception is at three in the afternoon sunlight exposure times。To release from the summer heat、In a refreshing views of the Lake、Enjoy cool, elegant Champagne mainly premium spark wine around the world among the 41 jealous just like、Enjoy delicious cuisine with buffet style in a fun conversation started。Above all、The annual prestige champagne、Imperial Russia as Alexandre II en champagne renowned "lilodelaire Crystal" with refreshingly comme "Armand de brignac" appeared.


First poured champagne toast on the table。This Magnum bottle、"Nouvel cuvee anthems Magnum"。100Hidden % Grand Cru hidenobu champanmezon。Chardonnay、Pinot Noir、Rare Magnum bottle of Pinot Meunier.


Casually incorporates light sweetness of fruits such as pears and persimmons and mild acid。Foam is not too strong and delicate, moderate Champagne is the first Cup mouth going.


Wine barLa cachette la cachetteMore owner Morishita Keiji Kun held greeting!


From the Oriental tells Chef Chris Tomohiro got a description of the food, such as、Pinchos and jelly、Moose、Fruit、Sparkling wine, raclette cheese etc to fit and plying.


3When the half-、With cheers is a start.





Members of this G table、Mr. and Mrs. Sumita connoisseurs、Kartel starMr./Ms. Sasaki Yuji of Hamamatsu City store、RIBON konkatsu JukuToyota's President Aki Ms.、LAU LAU kitchen StudioThe imasaka Yoshimi,、IZA CAFE coo-kai?Takehara XING Aki's owner and staff Suzuki Tsutomu-Kun and the US couple's nine members is!


2After the first Cup、12 pieces of glass in your select favorite among the 41, we will taste in order!


Morishita cum served me a、South Africa "Graham Beck cuvee Clive"。007That appeared in the original "Carte Blanche"、South Africa's premier sparkling wine。Is in the ageing types with a sense of maturity and delicious punch!


Summer casual is the dress code for this。I、A pleated piece of pink color you GET in Singapore.。Sumita says in refreshing Blue Jackets from a coordinated by General Hermes。Tomoko is sexy dressed in Prada leather Wamp.


Mr. Sasaki、Coincidentally, colleagues of Hamamatsu shinkin Bank bosses reunion is, I was very happy!


千安 Aki is short hair, nice, beautiful, cute and curly hair、Lovely 2 person.


A have a taste of the summer kimono nice!


Maekawa chef himself around the cremation site、Started the BBQ on the terrace。Wagyu beef、Scallop、Corn、Sausage etc.


This year's BBQ is gorgeous (laughs)


Now、You've been waiting for prestige champagne、"Armand de brignac Brut gold" now available! Built to represent spirits champagne creation stage innovator with passion and imagination、World's tallest status celebrity champagne。Chardonnay、Pinot Noir、Pinot Meunier。Chardonnay is soft and fruity freshness、Pinot Noir in strength and audacity to add depth and variety of flavor and bouquet、Pinot Meunier brings a rich body of fruitiness and roundness。Spade A decorative label、In pewter (Tin main alloy)、1So after this one polished by the hands of those who wear、You can enjoy seeing the bottle!


If you are Armand de brignac to long lines、Comes the fun conversations with people around。IL boschetto IL boschetto condition very well.。Also book and you want to hear, isn't it?!


Restaurant & bar FlangeThe chef Ishida Shigeyuki cum、By staff participated as a training。1Go to the order at a time、Of all kinds of domination that had taste more wine, but could I wonder? (Lol)


Bank of Japan Aya lounge HATSUNEFor Atsushi Mama with a nice lady who mainly took a picture。You guys、Glass of champagne is very cute!


Hamanako Royal HotelThe Brook daizaburo, Manager andCo., Ltd. bird goodnessThe dandy's 2 ITA zenkichi said, President of.


Summer clothes are your 2 lovely、Stores design and construction of housingAlan, Inc.The architect, Mr./Ms. Nakane Yasuharu and his wife, Emiko Mrs. Coordinator、Always gentle, large-hearted, ITA President Madam、Uneven or dental oral surgery clinicThe Chief Executive Mr. Murai mutsuhiko、Julia flower shopIn Masako MOM、IZA CAFE coo-kai?With Mr. takehara XING Quaternary owner Patsy!


Wine bar Le Vin levainThe owner sommelier Katsuya Terada andWINE BOUTIQUE PANIER wine boutique PannierThe two good friends of Mr. t. Ono shot!


Remember the singing sommelierThe Shoji Pearl II's and their friends members!


Now prestige Champagne's long-awaited second edition of best farm-house "Louis Roederer Crystal Brut" using only the grapes of the oldest prestige cuvee。Pinot Noir、Is Chardonnay with generous and ripe touch.、Fine, creamy foam pleasant strong taste and a long lasting highlights!


The design at that time remain beautiful bottles、Who attempted to assassinate the Emperor, such as weapons and explosives to 忍basenu、Detail bottles bottom is flat that has been faithfully reproduced!


Is my drunken surrounded by ITA President and Ms. Ono of the 23 types of sparkling wine, with a blissful smile (smile)


Before evening, put down Yang celebrates the end of。You guys、And see you next year!

Hamamatsu HAMAMATSU WINE CLUB wine club

THE ORIENTAL TERRACE the Oriental terrace

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