Exploring the hotel rooms you can enjoy both mentally and physically "Kada awashima Onsen osakaya hiina no Yu"


Which Kada awashima Onsen, Wakayama "Kada awashima Onsen osakaya hiina no Yu"The only exploring the hotel's better like!

1On the floor you can enjoy morning and evening "seasonal fish seasonal vegetables Taka from" and、Akama, Doo chef carefully selected seasonal ingredients、Seafood、It provides Japan food plenty to enjoy the mountains!

Also、At lunchtime one day plan make use of non-residents as a、Lunch + spacious course with hot springs、Guests from the local people and the nearby Osaka and very popular!

And there are private baths (reservation required)"barrier-free for the Spa you can enjoy a family、Beside the wash "tatami Sandals' feet without straining your、There are in addition bed bath tub in order、Stretch out and enjoy relaxing hot bath!

2Provides private rooms and banquet floors、It's possible that after enjoying lunch and hot to sleep in your room! Enjoy the day!

Even to this day a large banquet hall buried among more than 30 people Osaka Madame、Noon enjoyed karaoke、The floor is buzzing! Mature woman power explodes!

Warm body in the hot springs at Hina Este Club、Would be nice for our treatment facials or body treatments.

Other rooms individually will be like! By all means I'll have to visit!








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