"Kada awashima Onsen osakaya hiina no Yu" Kada awashima Onsen tekuteku walk count maps


We recommend that elementary school students in local Kada "Kada awashima Onsen tekuteku maps" ryokan "Kada awashima Onsen osakaya hiina no Yu"We at、Area information you will learn!

The Kada、From of old as the entrance of the Seto Inland Sea、Awaji island、Shikoku、Been considered the hub of transport to Kyushu。NARA became the training of Auditors、It also visited Kobo Daishi in the Heian period.

And、During the Edo period Shikoku and Kyushu contrary way、Is history as a port city such as ship carrying oranges to Edo kinokuniya bunzaemon.、Amida-ji Temple and Kasuga shrine started.、Historic sites are seen everywhere, will be filled!

This time the、Suggests within 15-minute walk from the Inn "Takura lighthouse"Aim!

Actually,、On the way to the Wakayama mountain、Here is one shrouded in fog、That was the bad weather just a few meters away but don't look like、Blue sky like the lie as soon as I arrived to Kada's spread、In the environment are welcomed into the great outdoors out 逢emashita!

Kaizuka, Jin's hotel staff we interviewed.、Even if rain is the other side of the mountain、In Kada can rarely spoke to us not as a mysterious area ♪ were fishermen out to sea as God is watching what you talk about.

Upon the arrival to Nagasaki takura、Strong sea breezes in winter、You can ask at the battering waves! Fish swim in fast waters of this flow will surely delicious tight body! Swimming will be off-limits to take with you!

Here are equipped with the "manyo-monument"、Unforgettable people thought not straightened haiku is written.。Is there in the cold of winter、Depth of the love felt、Sadness that solicit clause while watched。When、Through a gap in the clouds of light beautiful sea televison、Us watching anything divine moments!

From the high ground at its beauty、Fuelled by strong winds while also branches out props to have、EH guys most was climbing the stone stairs of takura 100 or so while grasping the wig and short break to takura Cape lighthouse!

Established in 1956, takura lighthouse、In the Cretaceous to takura Kawasaki small lighthouse、Tomogashima in the Seto Inland Sea National Park and the age would be a scenic location overlooking the Kitan Strait!

Probably laughing knees on the stone stairs、Legs were shaking and jiggle、The married couple we suffered from muscle pain、And we found that lack of exercise of the very...、The old soak once again、Would you like to heal the body.














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