Baking soda is called "Kada awashima Onsen osakaya hiina no Yu" beautiful hot spring


[Also referred to as beautiful water sodium bicarbonate "hiina Asobi water"]

Kada awashima Onsen osakaya hiina no Yu a fishing town in the Kada Seaside Inn became a five-storey、Have a bath on the top floor roof terrace is waiting!

Baths are divided into a man bathing water、And systems turning into the middle of the night、Taking a bath in the evening and the next morning at both rock bath, boat-shaped bath!

In the sky in bath、Around the pleasant sea breeze blowing、There were birds flying and、Peaceful heart warms the body while you can!

The quality of "Hina-no-Yu"、Next door is also referred to as hot spring for beauty 'bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate).、A thick alkaline spring water has a smooth skin.、Finish lotion after bathing. Efficacy and evaluated、Neuralgia、Joint pain、Chronic digestive disease、Poor blood circulation、As obesity has been good.

And stunning views from a waiting area designed for cooling are also、On the counter in the mini refrigerator、Okami is handmade daily 'Shinta' is 15-18 between service delivery free of charge!

In the beautiful crystal tokoroten、Put brown sugar、Purunnpurunn in texture and tender taste very delicious ♪ smoothed the most was lumps touching to "hospitality" blissful time!

In heated body、Take a stroll through the hotel!








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