Farewell to ryokan "Kada awashima Onsen osakaya hiina no Yu" natural Kada's time


For the first time come into Wakayama、Washed the heart in the grandeur of the lush green mountains and blue spread Kitan Strait、A journey that could take the rest of the moment!

Kada is known as a fishing town Inns "Kada awashima Onsen osakaya hiina no Yu"In the、In the spring for sodium bicarbonate、Enjoy the gastronomy unique Kada。In including the young proprietress of Akama chef, staff hospitality、It is it is able to spend a blissful time!

Here ryokan、About 7 percent of the guest's regular patrons coming back so、I've heard many people visit it comes home! To visit "what where is Wakayama? 」、"Added fat, what is? "And I thought that、Feel closer to nature and warmth of feeling good、And、And splendor of the Wakayama above all become a treasure trove of ingredients、See also wanted to visit"I felt the power of attraction seems to be!

Check out birthday、Photo taken and everybody helped me once、Kaizuka's front Chief in Kada's famous yomogi Daifuku Kojima shopping one arcade of the kindly gift!

Tai Fook to sticky rice infused with natural "wormwood"、Beautiful, almost like jade、And dyed brilliant colors、Smell wormwood accidently broke and gentle! The bean grains in elegant and rich。Make a in rice from the rice cake steamed glutinous rice daily owner、Also moist I click and stickiness is a soft texture。Preservatives、To not like coloring、Expiration date is 1st.、Better late than tasty within two days of that! Immediately、On the road with his...

If you become a little harder、Bake in the oven、Also increases the aroma、Also I dust would so to revive the sense of baked CHOW Tai Fook even try thank you want to!

Proprietress、Akama's、Kaizuka's、Your staff、Really helped me!

Now、On the way to Osaka from Wakayama、I think I'll lunch in Italy restaurant comes to mind!






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