Kada blessed "Kada awashima Onsen osakaya hiina no Yu" nature Mystic at night


A thriving fishing town Kada、Surrounded by mountains and the sea、Nature rich spectacle reflected in eyes tenderly、Watching the scenery change from moment to moment、You can spend a peaceful time!

And the landing beaches、1To herald the end of the day or sunset to the sea and quiet。No seabirds in the sky surrounded by gradient、Could taking only a temporary respite.

Day age return to the fishing boats were going back and forth to the Kitan Strait、And see people enjoying fishing on a breakwater、Blaring nothing but only the sound of the sea breeze Beach。

While a few street lights is lit、Light the light warm and fluffy to meet guest home "Kada awashima Onsen osakaya hiina no Yu」! Welcome Home!

To begin with、As hiina hotel name、Means "small, cute things.、Words come out in 'Hina plays' scene in the pillow book tells the tale of Genji。

The etymology of "chicks" of "dolls" comes from "hiina" is said、Guests welcome、It named Hina-no-Yu Inn names to think small and cute! Is a good name.

The hotel's 21 guest rooms、Proprietress and Okami started.、Of peace we feel the hospitality of the staff will be ♪ ♪

Now、We have been waiting for dinner time!







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