Visit the different "Kada awashima Onsen osakaya hiina no Yu" all rooms have ocean view rooms


Ryokan came walking along with the history of Kada in the Manyoshu poems "Kada awashima Onsen osakaya hiina no Yu"The whole hotel has 21 rooms and、All of which Japan will be facing the Kitan Strait ocean view!

We visited rooms with various different rooms other than this would be taken care!

And build combination of Japanese and Western-style rooms、Room 406, the scenery is the best room is、Maximum 6 persons available space is。The same construction as this 405 room、Sandwiched between sliding piece in the living space with a window、Providing a private space、While perched on a window massage、Guests can enjoy a soothing view at sea calm!

410 room has bath with panoramic glass window is modern and quite、There was a twin bed invites sleep on floors Sealy、With high-quality furniture, such as sofa made in Italy、The couple is popular with 2 persons room.

The 12 tatami 415、And warm atmosphere overlooking the sea in the bathroom wrapped in a tile made in Italy porcelain bathtub、Children very popular 4 persons room with the。In the renewed rooms little by little、41110-tatami room and other rooms included proprietress ideas in abundance、Providing a space of the feminine with soft shades、The cozy atmosphere fills the air!

Number of people and purpose、Are there different rooms、Facing the sea and all the magnificent、Rich at the nature provides us with.

Now、For a few minutes ago dinner、Take a walk around the hotel!












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