"The Siam The Siam" modern suite boasts more than 80m2 of all rooms!

Luxury urban resort hotel "The Siam(The Siam) is the room that we will take care of this time、As before, the second floor was "Mae Nam Suite" (90m2).、I'm even more happy this time.、It is room 205 of the corner room to capture more light!

Rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the main residence、All rooms are over 80 m2 in size、16 entry-level Siam Suites (80m2) and 6 Menam Suites on the 2nd floor (90m2)、3It is divided into 6 "RiverView Suite" rooms (90m2) on the 2nd floor!

Also、In the stand-alone Villa Suite、6 Pool Villa Courtyards (130m2)、4 "Pool Villa River View" (130m2)、There is also one Room (160m2) of Conny's Cottage、All the rooms in the hotel are suites, so it's luxurious!

Great antiques and furnishings are not only in the building、It is also used in various scenes inside the suite、It is full of luxury feeling to create an adult space unified with chic and modern design!

If you open the door full of profound feeling、Chic lattice corridor covered with mirrors to the ceiling spreads out、The open rooms with natural light have a vertical structure.、We like this space that is easy to spend!

If you explain the layout from the front to the next,、The luxurious bathroom has a separate shower room and rest room、Powder room on that extension、And there's a business desk in the working space.、From the bed space to the bright living space by the window using a partition instead of a TV monitor、It becomes a building that is integrated without partitioning with a wall so that all of them are easy to turn around、A space with plenty of space with more than enough space for each!

Elegant and modern Art Deco style with a thai atmosphere、The murals and interiors arranged in symmetry feel good sense、It is also fascinating that the color scheme of monotone is added to the accent color of noble purple that shines even more!

The table in the living room、As a welcome fruit, Dragon Fruit and Guava are accompanied by a message from General Manager Nick A Downing with bananas!

I often see small bananas in Thailand.、This banana has a very thin skin.、Its taste is very delicious with strong sweetness and aroma and richness!

After you have signed the room check-in、Butler's SMET will explain how to handle the room!

The bed space is king-size and spacious.、The foundation is high.、In addition, because the mat is also thick、There is a special feeling in the height that even I who is 162cm tall can not easily go up、It is a high quality mat that guarantees good sleep!

It is made interesting with a working space in the back of the headboard of the bed.、There is no wasted space!

As a new system in the business desk of the working space、Fully free rental smartphone "handy" equipped with the hotel、Programmed hotel guides can be seen、Restaurant and spa reservations, etc.、More and more useful items are available for smart interaction with concierges!

The Japanese plug can be used as it is with the world-compatible multi-plug.、Wi-Fi is also available for free!

Also、The hotel's original stainless steel bottle prepared on the table will be a gift that you can take home two bottles of the hotel.、It is perfect for a drink container for going out!

The door lock and unlock of the room are a quirky.、Please note that it has become a double structure of pulling forward after pressing it in the back once!

Powder space becomes a twin type full of profound feeling in marble specification、It has become an open structure without facing the wall!

There was a twin closet behind a powder room、There's a luxurious bathroom at the back.、It is possible to partition with a curtain!
A double-head shower is provided in a separate shower room on the right hand side.、There is a rest room at the back!

The large bathtub in the center of the bathroom、181You can enjoy an elegant bubble bath in size that can stretch your legs even with your husband of cm!

La Vie en Rose, a love hymn set in the background music of the room、It is the image song of this hotel.、It's also my favorite song!

Spending time listening to moist and moody background music、The word "elegance" is a perfect room!

The Siam
Location:3/2 Thanon Khao, Vachirapayabal, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand
TEL:+66 2 206 6999

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