"The Siam The Siam" Chef's Direct Thai Cooking Lesson /Kuruai Buwachy

Luxury urban resort hotel "The SiamThai Cooking Lesson Part 3 at Private Cooking School (The Siam)!

Well, after eating thai classic "PAT THAI GOONG (Patthai Kun) "、The last dessert "GUAY BUAD CHEE":It is a cooking start of "Banana stewed in coconut milk)"

Lesson(3) "GUAY BUAD CHEE:Banana simmered in coconut milk)

Banana 100g (100g banana)
Coconut milk 250 ml (250 ml)
White sugar 35g to test salt (white sugar 35g a little salt)
Pandanus leaf 1pcs (1 pandan leaf)
Sesame (Black and white sesame dosage)

[Cooking method / Cooking Method]

1.Put the loosened pandan leaf and white sugar in coconut milk and heat it.。

1. Boil Coconut Milk, white sugar and pandanus leaf in a pot until almost consistency.


2. Add banana in coconut milk until banana get soft and coconut milk is consistency.


3. Add salt to test after that turn off the gas already too serve, Can serve hot or cold.

「GUAY BUAD CHEE(クルアイ・ブワッチーバナナのココナッツミルク煮)กล้วยบวชชีง」下器Shimoo Design Ukisama round dish

温かい内に頂く「GUAY BUAD CHEE(クルアイ・ブワッチーバナナのココナッツミルク煮)กล้วยบวชชีง」はバナナとココナッツミルクが織り成すマリアージュで甘くてほっこりとするタイのデザートです!
バナナもココナッツミルクの甘みが十分にあるため砂糖の分量はお好みで調整できDamri Muksombatシェフのレシピでは塩をほんの少し加えることで甘みをより引き立たせています!
It is a dessert that can be delicious even if i eat it coldly.、For a simple recipe just to boil in a pot for a few minutes、Ideal for short-time snacks!

Damri chef has always been taught by his mother, "Don't forget to smile when you cook."、When he teaches me how to cook, I always think, "With smile."!!To talk to me with a gentle smile、It will be a really wonderful lesson that you can really enjoy cooking while thinking about the people who eat!

The three dishes that you taught me this time will be delicious!

What are the Thai cooking lessons you'll learn at The Siam's Private Cooking School?、If you like Thai food、So enjoy that little good cooking cooking school、Come try!

Damri Chef、Thank you for having a fun and delicious cooking school!

"Private Cooking School (Private Cooking School) 3 dishes"
Time of day:10:30-12:30(If you want to add a market tour 9:30Start)
Rates:4,500THB / Per person (about 16,200 yen in Japanese yen)
Rates with market tours:6,000THB / Per person (about 21,600 yen in Japanese yen)
For more information, please contact the hotel!

The Siam
Location:3/2 Thanon Khao, Vachirapayabal, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand
TEL:+66 2 206 6999

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