"The Siam The Siam" Chef's Direct Thai Cooking Lesson /Tom Kagai

Executive Chef of Chon Bistro, the hotel's all-diningDamri MuksombatThe private cooking school where mr. teaches cooking on a one-to-one restaurant is held in a corner of the restaurant.、It becomes a kitchen decorated with fresh flowers and fresh Thai ingredients and blackboard with title sign、A nice private space is provided only for students!

The lesson menu is、To learn three dishes from the set menu、This time the、I will challenge two different menu items and one review menu from what I learned last time!

In the same room、The table where you can enjoy freshly made meals is set.、1Because you set up a meal time every time you finish making the product、You can enjoy the food in a warm atmosphere!

What was prepared on the table?、Welcome drink "KAFFIR LIME FIZZ" prepared for hydration during the lesson、It becomes "Original Recipe Book" of Damri Chef、It is possible to reproduce the dishes learned even after returning home!

Squeeze lime and lemon on pepper and kafill lime juice、It is a very delicious juice that you can enjoy the fresh and refreshing aroma divided by soda!

To wear the hotel original apron of "The Siam" as before、Don't worry about your clothes getting dirty.、After the lesson, you can take this apron home with you.、It can also be used for home cooking!

When you stand by,、The service that I started with the idea of assistant Moo!

You took a commemorative photo around Damri Chef with an instant camera.、It is made to have it in commemoration of the course! Truly、It is a concern only for female staff!

I started by teaching me a lot of Thai ingredients.、Including pakchi and chili peppers, which are indispensable for Thai cuisine、Lemongrass, Manama、Kafill lime、Pandan Leaf, etc.、Some of the ingredients are familiar, and some of them are good to meet you.、Everything you don't know is answered by Chef Damri!

Now、Be ready.、With a sharpened kitchen knife in one hand、When it comes、Cooking start!

Lesson(1) "TOM KHA GAI (Tom Kerr Guy)

Chicken stock 150g (chicken stock 150g)
Coconut milk 150g (coconut milk 150g)
Chicken breast sliced (chicken breast 100g)
Red Onion 20g (20g red onion)
Sliced galangal 20g (car 20g)
Kaffir lime leaves 2leaves (two leaves of kobumikan)
Straw mushroom 2tbs (2 mushrooms)
Small green chili cut half 2pcs (2 peppers)
Coriander root 1-2g (coriander root 1-2g)
Fish sauce 1.5tbs (1.5 tbs fish sauce)
Lime juice 1pcs (1 lime)
Lemongrass 2pcs (2 lemongrass)
a little red chili oil (small amount of chili oil)

[Cooking method / Cooking Method]

1.Combine coconut milk with chicken stock and heat it。
Sliced Red Onion and Galangal (Kerr)、Finely sliced lemongrass、Muscular Kafir Lime Leaf (Kobumikan Leaves)、put the roots of the coriander。

1. Heat the Chicken stock, coconut milk add the kaffir lime
Leaves, lemongrass, galangal, Coriander root.

2.4equally cut mushrooms and thinly sliced chicken、they put some pepper in。

2. Add the chili and straw mushroom and then follow with
chicken thin sliced

3.Once it boils,、Reduce the heat and simmer the chicken for about 1-2 minutes.。

3. Bring back to the boil, lower the heat to keep it simmering
and cook the chicken for about 1-2 Minutes fish sauce
and lime juice

4.Add fish sauce and lime juice and adjust it while tasting。

4. Seasoning with fish sauce and lime juice

5.Included in a bowl、Chili oil to color、Finally, it is completed with coriander leaves!

5. Drizzle of chili oil and coriander leaves on top



Along with Tom Yumkun、I ate "Tom Kagai" which is said to be the two largest soups in Thailand for the first time.、In a soup that feels the mellowness of coconut milk and the flavor of chicken、You can enjoy the fragrance richly because there are plenty of herbs unique to Thailand.、It is a very delicious soup that you can feel the pungency firmly later! Alo-y-Ya!!

This soup ranks among the top of the list of Thai food's favorites.、I have made it many times in my house since I returned to Japan.、I also like the place where you can enjoy the arrangement and add rice noodles! Please try to challenge everyone by all means!

Now、Next is the introduction of two dishes!

"Private Cooking School (Private Cooking School) 3 dishes"
Time of day:10:30-12:30(If you want to add a market tour 9:30Start)
Rates:4,500THB / Per person (about 16,200 yen in Japanese yen)
Rates with market tours:6,000THB / Per person (about 21,600 yen in Japanese yen)
For more information, please contact the hotel!

The Siam
Location:3/2 Thanon Khao, Vachirapayabal, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand
TEL:+66 2 206 6999

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