"The Siam The Siam" The Ultimate Treatment of Sodashi at Opium Spa!

Luxury Urban Resort Hotels in BangkokThe SiamBlissful treatment time at Opium Spa (Opium Spa) at (The Siam)!

At the spa on the first basement floor of the main residence、Australian Organic & Luxury Cosmetics BrandSodashi(Sodashi) product treatment offer!

The Sodashi brand is very popular at luxury resort's luxury spa.、100%As a spa by the product of "Sodashi",、It's the first open in Thailand.、America's"Cond'Nast Traveler(Conde Nast Traveler) has won the world's best spa in 2015!

Basically, you need to make a reservation in advance.、Do you want to contact Butler in charge for reservation?、You can also make a reservation at the front desk here!
A few minutes before the reservation time、Butler SMET will pick me up in my room.、They'll show you to the spa!

When You go down the stairs, you'll be enveloped in a soothing aroma.、Switch to relaxmode both physically and mentally、The corridor that invites you to the healing space will greet you in a calm color tone wrapped in silence!

1The reception overlooking the second floor is full of spacious and open ness.、I receive counseling before treatment here!

"Ice Ginger Tea" and towels will be prepared as a welcome drink.。

Fill out the counseling sheet prepared in Japanese and English notation!

As well as the suite, the 5 treatment rooms are 80 square meters in size.、All have two beds for treatment、Each mattress Thai massage for two、Shower、Steam、Closet、Equipped with a toilet!

In this room、I had my therapist FON take charge of the treatment.、My husband underwent mint's treatment.、I was able to get the best peace of mind in the couple!

And the bus house where you can relax and relax before and after the treatment、In the design reminiscent of the bathhouse "THERMAE ROMAE") of Rome until the splendid、A comfortable jacuzzi is prepared.、Invite you to the world of relaxation to your heart's content!

Back to the reception hall、"Hot Ginger Tea" and "Mango Yogurt" were delicious as afterties!

Here you will、There is also a salon with traditional Thai tatu "Sak Yant"、Unlike regular tattoos with geometric patterns and animal-themed tattoos commonly found in Thailand、It is said that it is a sacred tattoo that monks and people called Achan poke with a metal rod (My Sack) about 40-50 cm long!

The Sakuyan Tattoo、Real tattoo treatment is possible.、I was allowed to greet the wild couple of the acupuncturist who just came!

In addition, "Hair & There is also Nail Salon (Hair & Nail Salon)、Retro Dining chairs、Furnishings purchased by the owner from Myanmar! Behind the antique chair、And decorated with pictures of beautiful women in black and white、It becomes a photograph of the past Misconlady of Thailand、The classical style is impressive!

In the room of "Thai traditional massage",、Besides, Thailand Thai massage and Swedish、You can receive a massage incorporating Muay Thai method!

In addition, during your stay、For those who want to move the body more actively、1We recommend the spacious Training Gym on the 2nd floor.、Because various training equipment is installed here、Guests are free to use at any time、You can also learn "Muay Thai", a Thai kick boxing unique to Thailand, from a professional trainer!

Please see it for your reference as a way to spend your stay at the hotel!

The Siam
Location:3/2 Thanon Khao, Vachirapayabal, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand
TEL:+66 2 206 6999

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