"The Siam The Siam" Private Cooking for the Market and Private Vegetable Garden!

Bangkok's leading luxury urban resort hotel "The Siam(The Siam)、The activity Private Cooking School is very popular!

Executive Chef of Chon BistroDamri MuksombatThe private cooking school where you teach cooking one-on-one、Because it was very interesting and it became a study when I experienced it last time、This time we will try different dishes!

This class has、Add an optional tour of the local market、In fact, I'm going to "Talat Thewet" with Chef Damri!

Departure time to the market is 9 in the morning:30Next、Meet with Chef Damri in front of the reception!

Although he reunited with Chef Damri, who met again for the first time in about four years, he said, "You've gained weight on each other," and you're going to have a different appearance than before, and you'll see each other face-to-face! (laughs)

And、This cooking class、Moo, a very smart and charming assistant, joins us to support us! Sawadi Kra (Pu) / Kera-ya/K-Ta-Ta-ta-ta-e!!

When I get off at the entrance of the hotel、There are two tuk-tuks arranged by the hotel.、Take this tuk-tuk and leave for the local market tour!

The ride time to the local market is about 10 minutes one way.、Tuk Tuk running at a very fast speed、With the momentum that seems to be shaken off if it is not gripped by the handrail in the car、There is fun like a little attraction!

I took a step outside the hotel.、In the car, I asked Damri Chef about his private talk.、You can have a good time full of affinity!

When you arrive at "Talat Thewet" in the local market、along the road、Fresh vegetables and fruits will pop into your eyes!

Here is、The Teweet market, which mainly deals with fresh food, and the flower and plant market will be a market between the Krunkasem Canal!

We are most excited when we are looking at the market no matter where we go to any country!

The best way to learn about the country's food culture is to visit the market!

The market has a roof and is kept clean.、The pile of ingredients displayed on both sides is spread!

Early in the market morning、4 every morning:00that to be open to、Including Chef Damri、The assistant staff also goes to this market every morning to buy!

A large amount of chicken and maple (chicken feet) that have been beaten with a knife and a bone is piled up.。

fresh fish and eels on ice.、Among them is a hordof of kites that seem to be in the net!

When you find a basket of unusual shapes,、Chef Damri will tell you, "This is used when steaming glutinous rice" while showing photos on your mobile phone!

Raw eggs and coconuts are arranged in different sizes.、There are a lot of kinds of spices that are indispensable for Thai cuisine.、The market with each specialty store is lively!

This day was the day before "Loy Krathong"、There was also a figure of a woman weaving gorgeous flower ornaments for the festival!

To the god of "Spirit house" in the back of the market、I'll tell you how grateful I am to you for coming to this place.。

Then, cute stray cats were greeted!

I told Chef Damri, "When I go back to Japan,、Want to recreate Thai cuisine with your recipes at home! And request、I decided to have you choose from a lot of seasonings!

What is the market to go with Damri Chef?、It's a good opportunity to learn things you didn't know about Thai food culture.、So much fun to share!

Return to the hotel in Tuk Tuk、Let's show you the hotel's own vegetable garden, which is carefully grown by Damri chefs and restaurant teams!

In the vegetable garden、Including the rich Sweet Basil、Betel Leaves and Mint、Mulberry、Kaffir Lime, etc.、Herbs and edible flowers, which are indispensable for Thai cuisine, are grown.、Fresh herbs are used in restaurants!

Now、Next is the start of the private cooking school!

"Private Cooking School (Private Cooking School) 3 dishes"
Time of day:10:30-12:30(If you want to add a market tour 9:30Start)
Rates:4,500THB / Per person (about 16,200 yen in Japanese yen)
Rates with market tours:6,000THB / Per person (about 21,600 yen in Japanese yen)
For more information, please contact the hotel!

Talat Thewet (Thewait Market)
Location:90, 15 Thanon Si Ayutthaya, Wachira Phayaban, Dusit District, Bangkok 10300, Thailand

The Siam
Location:3/2 Thanon Khao, Vachirapayabal, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand
TEL:+66 2 206 6999

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