"The Siam The Siam" Late Check-out for an elegant moment and a fantastic sunset

Five-star Luxury Urban Resort Hotel in BangkokThe Siam(The Siam) will also be a little elegant time to spend!

However,、Because the flight time to return home this time is late night flight,、When I told Butler's SMET to that effect,、Please delay the check-out time of the hotel.、I changed it to a late check-out that I can spend until the evening luxuriously!

Thanks to that,、In the afternoon, relax in the bed in your room while reading.、Save your strength for late-night flights!

Because it was sunset、Packed and ready for check-out!
If you have a large package, please contact the front desk.、Let's have the bellboy come to pick up the baggage!
"We’re checking out now. Could You Send Someone to Pick Your Baggages Up?(I want to check out from now on.)、Could someone come and pick up my luggage? )」

I finished accounting at the reception.、Check out with your luggage as it is.、Let's wait until the time of "The Siam Boat" of the hotel private boat you booked!

What's waiting for us on the "Private Pier" on the Riverside Terrace?、It's a fantastic sunset!

The view from the pier、A relaxing and comfortable time flows、It creates a cool and comfortable night to make you forget the heat during the day!

In addition to the illuminated illumination、The sky color is light blue to pink.、orange、Purple、When is the time when it changes to royal blue?、You can see the scenery so that the gradation of indescribable hue sways the heart!

When I returned to the building where the night was moist、The courtyard with the fountain、Unlike the atmosphere filled with natural light for daytime、The fountain illuminated by the moonlit night appears to rise.、I invite you to the world view of moody adults! (The courtyard was undergoing renovation work during my stay, but it is now newly opened after construction.)

While in the indoor、The elegant courtyard lobby in an open garden style、It is designed under the theme of "symbiosis with nature" advocated by Mr. Bill Bensley.、The green simento that was arranged in symmetry overflowed.、There is a cozy feeling that I feel rich in heart!

In the lit-up night atrium、The mysterious mood of the overgrown Strelicia group drifts、I want you to taste the special feeling that the extraordinary atmosphere brings out by all means here!

Because there was plenty of time left on the last night of my trip to Bangkok、Butler's SMET at the end of his work、46He promised me to show him around the local Bangkok to celebrate my birthday when I was ten years old!

Board the Siam Boat hotel-only boat、Emergency! We're leaving for the local market!

The Siam
Location:3/2 Thanon Khao, Vachirapayabal, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand
TEL:+66 2 206 6999

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