"The Siam The Siam" to Bangkok's leading five-star urban resort hotel!

it's the political center of Thailand、A 5-star Luxury Urban Resort Hotel located along the Chao Phraya River in the quiet Dusit district with many historic buildings.The Siam(The Siam)! Sawadi Kra (Pu) / Kera-ya/K-Ta-Ta-ta-ta-e!!

What is the name of the hotel?、Named from the former name of the Kingdom of Thailand, "SIAM"、"THE SIAM" also combines the meaning of the new SIAM Siam, such as Siam Station, which is located in the heart of bangkok, and Siam Square in the downtown area.、House of the King's House like dignity and elegance, plus、A great hotel with a chic and modern design of modern architecture!

It is full of the resort feeling of the riverside, but because of it.、One of Bangkok's best hotels with an atmosphere like an oasis in the city、When I visited here about four years ago,、It becomes a hotel that has been fascinated by all of them、It's the perfect hotel to end this Bangkok birthday trip!

The entrance of the hotel, which is the 39-room room of the suite and villa type、Because it is in the place where it goes ahead of the signboard of the street、The hotel conveniently overlook too、It exudes a hidden mansion-like appearance!

Berman is waiting for us.、I'll show you a taxi.、I will guide you to the car, and arrive safely!

The original entrance lobby is being renewed at this time.、This time, enter from another entrance, go up the stairs and head to the front lobby!

The owner of this restaurant、Sukosol Family is a prestigious Thai restaurant that owns and operates many hotels in Thailand!

In the female head of the Sukosol family、Of the PresidentKamala Sukosol(Kamala Skosol)、In the past Thailand's leading jazz singer、Oldest son skiing, I was rock singer、Now he owns the record company、The eldest daughter Marisa、Singer called the Diva of Thailand is.、Visavateeranon Clapp's second son、Side to a famous rock star and film actor、He is the creative director of the hotel.、It is a wonderful music family where all the family members are talented artists!

Hotel room design、World famous architects and designers "Bill Bensley(Bill Bensley)、A stunning blend of his amazing design and Chris' antique collection、We have completed a wonderful hotel like a museum!

When you land at Main Residence、Spread in front of me、The shine of the surface of the water is a beautiful water garden、A group of Strelicia with a huge height to reach the heavens appears in a dignified figure!

The ceiling is up to the third floor.、Gentle natural light pours warmly from the atrium full of a sense of openness of glass。

The unique atmosphere created by the cool shade by the green is like a paradise.。

Even though it is a revisit, there is an air that can not be charmed to the extent that it is breathtaking involuntarily! No matter how many times you watch it, it's a wonderful sight!

The reception staff who greeted me、It is A gift of Gift Sringamrat who was able to service me at this restaurant last time!

When I met her before, she was only one month old when I joined the company!
Damri MuksombatI've never forgotten the sun-like smile and polite and loving customer service at Chon Bistro, where the chef serves Thai food.、After all, the achievement seemed to have been recognized, and it had been promoted!

Welcome drink and towel、Meet you in an adorable tray with orchids in wood-carved dugongs and buffaloes!

The towel is cool and cold.、The fragrance of the aroma to be healed is released.、It is finished in the shape that decorated with the rose of the flower、The drink is very rich with freshly squeezed passion fruit juice packed in a small bottle!

Passport to、Take a breath on the sofa while drinking juice。

For the healing of the calm and green full of a sense of private、Feel the peace to be liberated from the heart!

When、What's even more happy is that it continues.、Butler (butler) SMET (Smet) who was also in charge last time is still here and will play a happy reunion!

I was moved by the warm welcome as if I had come back to my home in Bangkok.、SMET will be in charge of our Butler again.、I will guide you to the room with the desire to become light step!

On the way to the room、SMET and fun chat will bounce will be reunited after a long time!
To say、Because Thailand English or English-only conversation with him、I'm not sure if I was able to communicate properly in my poor English.、There is、Mr. SMET who is full of service spirit is able to understand the feelings of this place.、It is safe because you will follow various!

The beauty of this hotel is not limited to the scenery and design of the museum.、Butler is friendly to each guest、Hospitality is appreciated by guests all over the world!

The Siam
Location:3/2 Thanon Khao, Vachirapayabal, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand
TEL:+66 2 206 6999

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