"The Siam" Thailand Japanese and get-together at chon Bistro to integrate the two restaurants


Bangkok's leading luxury urban resort hotel "THE SIAM"In the restaurant、
2015JulyUp had been operating "Deco bar&Bistro Deco Bar & Bistro"The、
8MoonThan、"Chung Thai Chon Thai Restaurant"And integrate、
"Chon Bistro Chon Bistro"The born again。
In the late、Currently offered Thailand food Thai restaurant "Chon Bistro Chon Bistro"Can only be。
If you enjoyed the meal in the hotel、Advance reservation is recommended!


1In the open space on the floor、Green filled in、Enjoy a meal overlooking the Chao Phraya River、
To the brightness of the lighting、Exudes a restless, Moody atmosphere.


Here is、Who loves Thailand's traditional culture and history、Was instrumental in saving maintenance of traditional houses Thailand sign
Connie MangskauAnd it's reconstructed part was in the home and are。
Thailand teak wood with rich traditional houses、There are many great building tropical atmosphere。
This time the、Go up the stairs to the second floor.


2Floor seats、Thailand emotional atmosphere filled with、Dining options include furnishings arranged in some places.


2River of Chao Phraya River views from the floor、
Sunset is sinking.、MATZU-MTP say the night before Royal Blue Sky beauty.


"Monsoon, Valley and colombard 2013 colombard monsonn valley 2013 Thailand '
Bottle 2050 THB (Japan yen approximately ¥ 7590)

Monsoon Valley wines、Produced by Siam Winery。
In the winery、
Thailand's oldest wine regions from Pok dam、A traditional Malaga Blanc grape varieties are cultivated、
Colombard is used this wine grape、Derived from South West France。
It is very similar to Sauvignon Blanc tasting、A delicate citrus and Green Apple aromas、
In a refreshing acidity, such as lemon or grapefruit-flavored light body、
W / Thailand cuisine fits better!


On this day、Two Japanese women are living in Thailand is a party and dinner while。
Japanese companies of the employerSayaka.、The original、Got a tour conductor experience in travel agency、
Now Japanese companies do you work forMayumiMr. from
From point of view they have long lived in Thailand、Lifestyle in Thailand and
The story is unique to Thailand、Also、Able to ask Japan's cultural differences, such as.


Black Sesame breadstick and the crunchy texture of bread、Provides a pita bread, such as for meals。
Rosacea as ideal snacks!


Yamsomo YAM SOM O 390 THB (Japan yen approximately 1450 yen)

And yamsomo、Pomelo salad (Thailand language:ยําส้มโอ) in、
Using the fruit has firm SOMO、It is juicy, refreshing salad。
In Thailand、The fruit salad.、Sweet、Plus a pungent acidity, light and、
On the sidelines, such as meats and the best!
In Japan、Substitute for pomelo grapefruit was delicious!


PHAD PAK KANA HEDHOM 320 THB (Japan yen approximately 1190 yen)

Kale、Are mushrooms with oyster sauce garlic vegetables。
Bitterness of the Kale is less easy to eat、Thailand cooking unusual pain is not dish.


"Minced massman Nua Gaeng Massaman Nua" 780 THB (Japan yen approximately 2890 yen)

In Thailand, Gai, chicken、Nua is beef.、MU became the pork、Here is、Beef massaman Curry。
Massaman Curry was a smash in Japan、Thailand southern cuisine。
In the depths of the sweet full-bodied taste、And being trickled tender Braised beef is delicious!


2After enjoying a meal an hour or so、Little drink! "by、
Two people "Wat Arun Wat Arun"The introduces stylish bar that night.

Location:3/2 Thanon Khao, Vachirapayabal, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand
TEL:+66 (0) 2206-6999

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