"The Siam" with views of the river of Chao Phraya River Villa space


Bangkok's leading luxury urban resort hotel "THE SIAM"The rooms are、
Men residence suites and Villas offers 39 rooms。
Here is、Courtyard staircase off to the Villa space men residence。
Numerous clouds spread into the clear blue sky、Blessed with fine weather, shooting day!


Stairs down.、Appeared through the garden and Villa space、We will see the villas accommodation with pool。
This hotel、The pool villa spool villa sibetween river spools seems to be the most popular♪.


Villas courtyard Courtyard Pool Villa

10The only building villas、There is a private courtyard、Atmosphere are almost invited to Royal villas、
Wrapped in a luxurious residence with a difference。
Villa with swimming pool、That first time in Bangkok。


Connerscotage Connie's Cottage

Different look next to the Villa building、
160Thailand traditions dating back more than 100 years only 1 m² in size and boasting the style cottageConnerscotage
The cottage was built at cheekwood、160From square meters of grounds、
Using the Canal from Thailand's ancient capital Ayuthaya, and moved、After that、Have been renovated。
ConnerscotageThe origin of the name is very intriguing、Thai silk KingJim Thompson JIM THOMPSONAlong with the、
Who loves Thailand's traditional culture and history、Was instrumental in saving maintenance of traditional houses Thailand sign
Connie MangskauIs it to honor, it is named。
The previous owners of the building hereJim Thompson JIM THOMPSONIn the story and surprise surprise!
Is a special room for special guests with a private pool and antique.


Advances of the Lotus pond、RiversidePrivate PierWhat。


Villa Riverview Riverview Pool Villa

The river views only 4 roomsPool villa-River viewThe street runs beside the、
Lush tropical greenery to tunnel、A pristine symmetry is directing the world。
And、Pool villa-River viewOf in front of the eyes、
Guests can enjoy freeRiverside infinity poolHas been prepared.


Riverside infinity pool Riverside Infinity Pool

Width 3.5 m、In the 22-metre long pool、Overlooking the Chao Phraya River、Guests can enjoy a pleasant swimming.


Buzzards bar Bathers Bar

The bar for those who enjoy swimming。
After a swim、Guests enjoyed champagne and cocktails、If you prefer watching the sunset and relax!


Chung Thai Chon Thai Restaurant

The only restaurant of Thailand cooking。
2015 August,More 'Chung Thai Chon Thai Restaurant"And
"Deco bar&Bistro Deco Bar & Bistro"The two restaurants to integrate and、
"Chon Bistro Chon Bistro"To be reborn。


Private Pier Private Pier

This is hotel has its own dock.、It is possible to get on and off here。
At a table set up、While admiring the spectacular views of the Chao Phraya River、
Relax for a coffee and、Would be ideal for an aperitif before dinner.


General Manager General Manager
Jason M Friedman JASON M. FRIEDMANGreetings from Mr。
JasonMr、Of Singapore "Raffles Hotel Singapore RAFFLES SINGAPORE"And
In Cambodia "Raffles Hotel Le Royal Raffles Hotel Le Royal"Introduction、
Bali "Amandari Amandari"、
Chiang Mai "Four Seasons Hotel Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts"Such as the
The leading 5-star hotel to improve his、Now she has been working here.


The SiamOffers of the month8-20To、Sushi chef invited from Japan、Sushi eventsWill be。
Hold the sushi、In kagurazaka, Tokyo "Sushi heart (sushikokoro)"ofT. OhbaSan。
OhbaMr. a、Trained in the famous Ginza sushi restaurants for 20 years after、Opened the shop on kagurazaka。
This event was6Only the table seats 12 in、Becomes pairing drinks leave the sushi to fit、
Per person15,000THB (Japan yen approximately 55500 yen)We become。
For the limited number of people may be full already。
Interested please contact, try。

Chef Oba Omasake Sushi Dinner at The Siam
Booking contact us Mail:Jason@thesiamhotel.com(Responsible for:Jason)

Sushi heart
Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Kagura slope 3-6-3-3 F TEL:03-5579-8417


Now、Next in line、Villa Riverview Riverview Pool VillaThe introduction of in-room!

Location:3/2 Thanon Khao, Vachirapayabal, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand
TEL:+66 (0) 2206-6999

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