Chiang Mai International Airport flights from suvarnabhumi international airport


Thailand international airlineIn Bangkok, Thailand's new gateway and seeSuvarnabhumi international airport"To and
Arrived at about 6 hours flight、
In the morning4Time 30 minutesIt is also available、Still feel the stillness of the morning before the、
Although tropical Thailand、Mornings and evenings are chilly air will flow。


2007 April,Than、Thailand international airlineIn Bangkok via、
Phuket、Chiang Mai、Chiang Rai、Krabi、The flights to Samui、
Immigration has become a simple、Immigration in check only your passport and is very convenient.


We arrived at the Concourse D (middle passage)、
Transit to Chiang Mai、Runway aiming right domestic lines Terminal Concourse B behind。
Normal、If the departure from Bangkok、Will proceed to immigration examination leading to the Concourse D、
In transit for immigration examination area is not so sure。


Here isThailand international airlineFrom the has provided easy-to-understand transit map, please refer to。


Going to Concourse B、And on one wall decorated with pictures representing Thailand、
Will make you feel like you are warmly welcome to the Kingdom of Thailand。
Beyond this there is passport control (domestic wire transfers for immigration)、You can go!


Passport control (domestic wire transfers for immigration)


At click herePassport and airline ticketsHave them checked。


So is this seal passed to transit、Please post very helpful。
This seals the transfer from an international seal indicating that the customer、
Seems to hang it up through destination customs rules。


After baggage inspection、As we will go straight to concourse b.。


Departure gate、For the undecided until about 1 hour ago、
Not knowing whether to depart from what Gates arrived at the、Not mentioned on the ticket。
Bound for Chiang Mai、Always be this gate may be、Be sure to check each。


Relax in our boarding gate departure time。
In some places can charge mobile phones and other spots、Comfortable gate lobby is close to the toilet.


Flight time so、Please allow me time to kill at the net。
You rent overseas Wi-Fi "GLOBAL WiFi global WiFi"The Let's put the router immediately!
Overseas for WiFi use only the designated country because、
To use, put the power supply in an otherwiseCase impose high billsPlease note that you must。
For example in Japan also as is true。
If the connections are the same country.、If you frequent in another country、
So is powered and connected to the power、Let's cut the designated country not available。

If the international airport、Photo smart phone screen you can see、Free WiFi connectionTend to be flying.、
Potential risks associated with and connect to free WiFi abroad has said generally。
Everything dangerous is that there is no、Basic Internet access, and、
Remains in the connection information (log)。
Also、Connected to the same line or gets the information across。
What you mean、Become a cleanliness Smartphone with what?、
If the lock-free WiFi、An unspecified number of people at the same time to connect、
More effectively increases the risk of。
That doesn't mean don't connect absolutely、
At the very least、While you are connected、Should consider, such as login and enter personal information。

The point、We are always available by traveling abroad toGlobal WiFiNow、
Because it does not contain any personal information and log、I can use with confidence!


Because the flight time was approaching、Chiang Mai-bound plane is being prepared。


This timeThailand international airlineOfTG102The boarding of the flight、Gate B6It is。
Can you gimpp passport and flight ticket confirmation after that!


Prompts you to CA's show tickets。
For immediate specification sheet will tell whether on the right or on the left side、Let's move on and follow the instructions.


This time for domestic flights is the relatively old aircraftAIRBUS A330-300It is。
Little、The seats are closer together、Just a one hour flight so fast that during is arrived!


In crowded airports in、Taking up some。


That would be about an hour flight from Chiang Mai、On Board will be served drinks and snacks。


This is in-flight meals on domestic flights.。
Such as sandwiches and fruit juice and jelly dessert with lunch box、Not good to be honest。
I just can't eat on sandwiches and dessert tasting experience that。
Fruit juice is pretty sweet、This is good (laughs)
Don't say luxury in economy class、You could improve if possible, and I am happy!


6MoonThe rainy season travel was、Great woman、Sunny in man power、
Surrounded by weather on this trip than to wish you、When it comes、Chiang Mai-CHIANG MAITo!

Thailand international airline

Suvarnabhumi international airport

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