In the Thailand international airline from Chubu International Airport suvarnabhumi international airport


The flight "Central Japan International Airport CentrairThan "、Thailand international airline in
Become a new gateway in Bangkok, Thailand "Suvarnabhumi international airport"To and leaving。
The flight time、Late-night 30.Are scheduled for、
Departure than about 1-2 hours ago3F international and domestic lines check-in countersAt check-in for better。
In the check-in day、Be seen crowding case、To handle problem cases, early action is recommended、
As late-night flights are also less、Because the airport is empty、I need to hurry so no problem。
However、21At:The、3Souvenir shop-floor and the 4th floor sky Town restaurant closed because all、
Open Please note only multi-access convenience store FamilyMart.。


Arrived at the airport for the first、International Wi-FiOf the multi-access connected to 3F, departure lobby money is to go。


Access Plaza left hand、In one corner of the building here look at the back of the railway stationInternational Wi-FiThe rental companies。


International Wi-FiIf you use a、By far the most "GLOBAL WiFi global WiFi"Let's recommend, reasonably priced。
You always go abroad、Click hereGlobal Wi-FiWe are available、
If you register as a Member、Special discount coupons will be sent by email on a regular basis。
This also、Deals1,000Yen discount couponReceptionist!
Coupons are valid until、So it is possible to pass the access (code coupon code) to a friend、
No soon chance go abroad yourself、Would be nice to get some close friends intend to go abroad。
Upon departure is determined、Application in advance on the Internet、Global Wi-FiThe official homepage!

Global Wi-Fi


To hire、Multi plug outlet for foreign and overseas Wi-Fi router、Three battery outlet。
Optionally add a battery also.。
1One is housed in a case so convenient portability。
Even if this、While abroad、Can be used in the same sense as when you are in Japan Smartphone、
Or take advantage of translation app、Google map to start、At all times、A stable Internet environmentBecause it is a great help to me!
You do not understand how to use the、Ask at the reception desk in advance.


Normal、A very lively during the day 4th floor sky town。
Midnight has had closed most shops.。
If during the day、Many events are held at the central event Plaza。
To the left and right、Brick streets and restaurant about 40 stores in the small alley building, such as chochin-Yokocho、
20Shop more stores are mixed。
Go outside, enjoy fantastic deck。
And the aircraft will take off!、Beautiful views from times, Sun, sunset mornings so I recommend!


International check-in counters

Thailand international airlineThe economy-classChecked baggage allowance(Suitcase) ofFree baggage allowanceThe、
1Per case30kgUp and is regulated。
Otherwise, it is、Carry-on baggageThat would be、Baggage in the cabin that can be、
In other personal belongings (handbags, cameras, eyeglasses, canes, etc.)、
3Sum of the sides115cmWithin、Size W56cm x H45cm×D25cmFor within the baggage of which1PiecesAnd then、
The total weight of both7kgShall not exceed。
Carry-on baggageThe restrictions are、Especially womenLiquid carry-on inCosmetic products (lotions, gels, creams etc)The note is required。
Liquid、Each100ml containersTo put the、All of the containerWith a resealable transparent plastic bag(Total 40 cm below aspect bags) in the storage and、
1L withinThere are provisions to。
Checking is less.、Be prepared to defend the provision.

Click here for Thailand international airline checked baggage or carry-on baggage!


This flight was、Thailand international airlineAndJAL (Japan Airlines)With due to code-share flights、
At the check-in counter、JALThe staff made sure is!

This time the、Suvarnabhumi international airportFrom in transitChiang Mai International AirportTo the head、
Even the luggage "I want to deliver to Chiang Mai"And、Just to counter this properly please send。
If the transit、There is no possibility for lost baggage and not exactly。


Safety inspection station entrance

After you put in the luggage (suitcase)、Facing the international departure gate、
Security checkpointThe passenger in the cabin baggage and passengers ' possessionsSecurity checkDo。
Hat、Take off your jacket、Shoes and belts with metal fittings, metal, etc.、Not use 外shimashou responds metal detector accessories。
Like digital cameras and notebook computers、You must make separate tray desk。
Allow the smoothly、Choose a simple attachment/detachment flight clothing。
A safety inspection station:、So is the insertion tube review (exodus)、Please present your passport and airline ticket staff who!


For the late-night、That is the most shops are closed、Duty free shops are open。


In passing through the security check、The drinks in plastic bottles will be recovered、
It even left the country safely、Buy and bring into the cabin is possible。
In-flight service is also good so、Not necessary、
Please wait until the flight to spend comfortable!


Is recommended to use the lounge would have time to clear、
Are available at the boarding gate while waiting for boarding time。
In some places can charge mobile phones and other spots、Free Wi-Fi is flying to、Comfortable gate lobby it is!


Thailand International Airlines BOEING 787-8


This timeThailand international airlineOfTG flight 647The boarding、18GateIt is。
Can you gimpp passport and flight ticket confirmation after that!


This also、From Centrair to suvarnabhumi around6TimeAs the flight is nice。
Temperature in Japan is late may、20℃The cut、The temperature in Thailand、30° C or higherIs expected to。
Should you desire in a nimble fashion、Cabin was very cold for、We recommend bringing a jacket.
* Arrange blanket per person one at a time on board。


BOEING 787-8The、In art, has been appointed the new materials、
Reduces shaking and noise than conventional aircraft、And provides a comfortable environment to dry。
Just、Temperature of the air conditioner is set low and、Will be frigid and so warm that we recommend。


Late-night late-night snack in economy class flights、1Is a person 1 balls。
While you sleep、Gently placed (lol)


The last timeJALThe State-of-the-art aircraft with the same、In a beautiful cabin、
Compared with the mid-sized aircraft so far、Wider sense and the front-row seats in economy class、Ceiling height may、And the。
Advanced technology and light、Expand Windows 1.3 times compared to conventional extruders, visibility is wide.。
Even more surprising to the、Instead of shunning a sunny window curtains、Electronic shades depending on the brightness can be adjusted in 5 steps at the same time.


10.6In inches and equipped with touch-screen monitors、Flights in order to be more comfortable、
Equipped with a variety of entertainment systems、
Various languages right now including the latest movie buzz、Drama DVDs、You can enjoy games and music.




With touch screen operation with smart、Kill time in movies and music is also good but、
Can shopping、And such as the Inflight Service Guide、Further is equipped also of Thailand travel spot、
You can enjoy the atmosphere of Thailand prior to arrival。
In cabin chat、Conversations with friends far away sheet smoothly inside the monitor! (Surprise)


PC power and USB port facilities also available、Mobile charger is available。


Birthday breakfast on board、Started and ready meals。


Meals (breakfast)

Omelette、Winner、Croquettes、Boil broccoli、
Croissant、Cut fruit、Yogurt, etc.。
Here the hot coffee or tea、Green tea, etc。
Economy class from、Is not to expect too much、Hope you 食berereba like it is (laughs)


ThailandAndTime difference with JapanThe、Minus 2 hoursThe order is nice no lag。
So not much dreams in flight、Spend one day as it is hard but not hopeless。
Safe flight at the end and、Thailand / Bangkok THAI BAGKOKTo the immigration。
Change to the domestic flights in transitChiang Mai-CHIANG MAIIn the head!
Sawasdee crack ( type ) / Car (Thailand language:สวัสดี ครับ / help)

Central Japan International Airport Centrair

Thailand international airline

Suvarnabhumi international airport

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