Enjoy a comfortable drive in 'tuk-tuk' roof remodeling car


Bangkok, ThailandThe iconic vehicle、Tires only have three not covered modified three-wheeled vehicle"Tuk-tuk"Tuktuk fareThe、Ride ago tells us where to go in advanceBargaining systemBecause it would be、And know the approximate fare quotes、Tuk-tuk in factJewelry store, to takeTuk-tuk, vicesThe note (if taken * if different destinations and locations、Never enter the shop you don't)。Attractions must be as though itTuk-tukSee。Of courseWat PhoClose out、Tourism tourists aimTuk-tukParallel parking and、(Nanjing) touting。In one note.、Touting (Nanjing)Tuk-tuk parkedThe、Likely offering you expensive fares down care。Even if expensiveB150-B200 (Japan yen and then around 540 Yen ~ 720 yen) degreeIt is。If it says in Japan taxi、Minimum charge amount。If、By itself, the priceFor sightseeing and very pleasant if cheap ones?I thought、Haggling is likely not negotiate one?、Basics、Person has offered price50% offAbout、At a minimum,2~ 3%So let's pretend those cuts。However,、The drivers also feel better and get to drive、Negotiation is the best to answer clearly and with a smile。Also、If no haggling refused even to negotiate、The otherTuk-tukOne hand is looking for。In Bangkok、Would be more expensive than taxiTuk-tukThat is the、In not usually get much remodeled three-wheeled vehicle、Fun while feeling the wind run so I recommend!

[Approximate tuktuk fare quotes]
10 min walk distance → B30-B40 (Japan yen and then around 110 Yen ~ about 150 yen)
Walk about 20 minutes → B40-B50 (Japan yen and then around 150 yen ~ 180 yen or so)
Walk about 30 minutes → B50-B70 (Japan yen and approximately 180 Yen ~ about 250 yen)
* May also be refused too long and


Wat PhoAround、Lined with stalls, and is selling to tourists、Trail is so busy!


The endless summerThailandNow、Over the years, rich fruit throughout the Kingdom。11January and FebruaryOf seasonal fruitPomegranate。BrokePomegranateFrom、Sparkling jewel in the edible partSort clothesEject、Squeezed juice, juice。1This B40 (Japan yen and then around 145 yen)。In its depiction of、It is tempting to just want to drink、Also thank you at your own risk!


Wat PhoOf purposeKhao San RoadUntil the、Walk approximately.20~ 30 minutesIs required for、Here I just wanted to ride itTuk-tukTo have to rely on the。Tuk-tukStopSignalThe、Different from the taxi Park in Japan、Projects in the direction of the diagonal under arms。Because the driver noticed signals parked on the side of the road?、We told exactly where to go and negotiate andFaresLet's decide。This timeTuk-tukFares are、B100 (Japan yen and then around 360 yen)And will be。Door or window seat beltAlso not so、Be thrown、It should grab onto the railing tightly.


Mahato StreetFromNa Phra LAN Street inPalace & Wat Phra kaeoStrain relief、Sanam Chai StreetIn outKhaosan Khao San RoadTo go!


The inner city with its high-rise buildingsExhaust gasAnd the difference between the、This area is、Some are concerned about breathing easier I feel like。In the central area of TokyoTuk-tukThe tourists are riding、One eye with his mouth covered by hands or handkerchiefs, painfully。The point here is、Comfortable style、Traffic congestionSo who runs actually right through easy、While watching the skyline drive is exhilarating! BabinTuk-tukToo cute! Points to consider, such as negotiations head into、I try not to fraud, such as、Once theTuk-tukWe recommend that you experience!


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