Hotel the Peninsula Bangkok Bangkok's home should be called farewell:


This "The Peninsula Bangkok"With the stay、
"Pen PEN CLUB"In the book picked for、
You can have free time to check-in or check-out
Using the services of the peninsula where、
According to the flight time20: check out at nightAnd we just had! (Gusto)
Thanks to its、Round 1, sightseeing fun.、Is able to spend time further spacious hotel.


Finish checkout、Unleash the night restlessThe lobbyAt、
I would like to wait for the shuttle to the airport were booked in advance!


With a magnificent view of the familiar Chao Phraya River、Also、Then goodbye it is.


Sales ManagerChaiwat Klchaisit (commonly known as:Wat Chai, pictured right).、
You gave us we bid you farewell! (Thank you)
See for a while, but、Must also say that Bangkok home
What a wonderful "The Peninsula Bangkok"To come back!
This time the、Short stay was really helpful!


Return transfers in a classic here. It is a joke (lol)
Lightly tap once on the day、Peninsula BangkokIn the wedding party, and、
Guests and visitors with a nice Mercedes-Benz Classic cars、
Whats let photo because it was too cute!


Pick-up taxis operated by the Japanese "City car rental"And I of local driver who is an arrival at the scheduled time。
As a means of transportation、A taxi is the easiest means of transportation will be、
Very likely a Bangkok taxi driver English speaking、
In addition、Risk and fraud suit because there is zero and that、
You can avoid the risk by means of transportation can rest assured in advance to reserve。
Driver it is because local people、But in Thailand, or English conversation、
Because this company is owned by the Japanese、
If you encounter any problems、Is safe to have a Japanese owner contact.


Without traffic jams to go smoothly "Suvarnabhumi international airport"To and.。
I may be.、Thailand trip also has end is in sight!
Next in line、Is the introduction of the last dinner at the airport.

The Peninsula Bangkok
333 Charoennakorn Road, Klongsan, Bangkok 10600, Thailand⇒ Google Map
TEL:+66 2 861 2888

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