A Thai restaurant named "Rongros" Wat Arun opposite shore is opened!

"Wat ArunA popular Thai restaurant with a view of the opposite bank "RongrosLunch time at Long Ross"!

This is a bright shade of royal blue.、Newly opened in May 2019 as a restaurant where the owner who fell in love with the place where it was originally a garage at first sight serves hot Thai home cooking!
"Rongros" means "garage" in Thai, but sometimes means "house of taste"、This store name is named!

It's a good location to see Wat Arun.、it's been a hot topic ever since it opened.、It is crowded with many guests and it is very popular!

Walls in the shop and bare pillars with thinly faded colors、Chinese style partition on suspended chandeliers、Sculpture statue at the counter。

And with an antique-style interior with smoked furniture that gives off an Asian scent、The East and the West are mixed in a lot!

It has become a mysterious space in a unique atmosphere、It is gathered with exquisite sense.、It is a stylish space to feel comfortable!

I order while listening to the recommended dish to the staff!

"Heineken Beer (Heineken Beer) L size" 250THB (about 900 yen for Japanese yen)、Here's to Wat Arun!

"Phad Thai Goong / Thai-style yakisoba" 280THB (about 1,000 yen for Japanese yen)
One of the classic dishes representing Thailand with sweet and sour sauce entwined with flat noodles with a firm texture even with rice noodles!
Pattai on colorful banana leaves、Two shrimps and eggs、Papaya and others are served.、chili seasoning that adds sweetness to sugar and pungent、Thai lime and pakchi、Herbs such as Thai persimmons can be added to your liking.、Everything is served on the side!
The balance of sweet and spicy is also good.、The sauce is well intertwined with the thick rice noodles.、It is a pattai that becomes a taste of taste of taste!

"Kra Phrao Polk Set (Kao Pat Gapao) / Fried pork basil rice" 230THB (about 830 yen for Japanese yen)
It becomes a standard thai dish with ground pork sauteed sweet and spicy with gapao (Holy basil)、I have it with one plate of rice and a set!
Following the favorite Pattai、Gapao rice is also eaten well in Japan!
In Thailand, please be careful because it does not pass even if you order "Gapao Rice" like in Japan! (laughs)
Also included on the banana leaf in each cup、Cute plate in appearance!
We are strong in the way of the pain, but、It was quite a hot spicy taste and I felt my tongue paralyzed!
However,、The balance of the taste is exquisite, "It is delicious even if it is spicy!" And two people and finish educewhile while sweating!

It turns out that this restaurant is not allowed to use credit cards at the time of accounting.、The husband who runs to the ATM in a hurry!

Restaurants and cafes in Bangkok、Because of the progress of cashless culture except for stalls、I didn't have much cash.、I was informed that it is also important to carry around the cache!

At the end, I greeted Mr. PONGSAKORN K.NA AYUDHAYA of General Manager and took a commemorative photo!

The atmosphere of the shop, the location and the staff's service are good.、It is recommended at the restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Thai food!

In front of the restaurant, I was indebted to you the other day.Riva Surya Bangkok(Reba Surya Bangkok) and the group hotel overlooking "Wat Arun"Riva Arun Bangkok(Reba Arun Bangkok)!

The next time I visit Bangkok again、I would love to stay here in Riva Arun Bangkok!

After the meal、Shop while strolling through the street shops around Tha Tien on the Chao Phraya River!


There is a tourist destination、There are a lot of shops of a beautiful and stylish shop.、There is no shortage of souvenirs!

After enjoying a stroll、Because it was time to arrive at the check-in time of the hotel、Head to the hotel of the memory where you will be the last accommodation of the trip now!

Rongros (Long Ross)
Location: 392 16 Maha Rat Rd, Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200 Thailand
TEL:+66 2 106 2198
Hours of operation:11:00-3:00、5:00To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:Seven days a week

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