Sleeping in the temple Wat Pho Bangkok's oldest of Shakyamuni Buddha tried to visit your appearance and lying


Ayutthaya periodThe Foundation and travelsOldest temple in Bangkok"Wat Pho Wat Pho"(The official name:Wat Phra certo Pont ratchathewi WA larame)。Also known asNirvana Temple (nehannji)Are called、As the name suggests、NirvanaTo you just before entering his sleeping giantSleeping Golden Buddha BuddhaYou show up。In the vast、Sublime enshrined in the main hallBuddhaAnd、Remains of the KingPagodaIs a Japanese temple。Here isThe main entranceThat would be、Entrance for several reasons.


Tickets for admission toTicket OfficeIn buy。Thailand people are free、AlienAdmission feesBut it takes!


Admission fees、B100 (Japan yen and then around 360 yen)It is。AdmissionStubs to be wrested and、Mineral waterComes with a ticket stub to replace。The sunny weatherThailandFor hot summer days、HydrationBecause you want to forget、With water it is nice!


ThailandTo the oneBuddhist templeDuring a pilgrimage in all commonDress considerationsWe introduce。TempleThe、Tank top or Camisole、Such as miniskirts and short shortsNo admission in scantily clad outfitsAnd will be。FreeWith that will be rented to her、Cash and credit cardsDepositNeed the hassle、Put in a safe fashion.


ChapelTo theShoesEnter with bare feet to take off、In easy-to-wear off shoes with good。Theft preventionOf the order、Put your shoes in the box in front of the ChapelBagProvides、HereShoesPut it in theBringI will。Also、HatFarmville Hat who has suffered。This bag is、At the exitCollection boxTo let me return!


From head to toe46 m in length、15 mOfSleeping Buddha BuddhaThe appear.。Sleeping Buddha Buddha (reclining Buddha)OfLaid to restIn order to Buddhist temple was built for、Sleeping Buddha Buddha (reclining Buddha)The surroundings are limited on the Rails、Without a spare space、Sleeping Buddha Buddha (reclining Buddha)Not that watching the entire worship。However,、Big big in front of me suddenly appeared, a bigSleeping Buddha Buddha (reclining Buddha)For you to see and、Involuntarily leaks cheers!


Sleeping Buddha Buddha (reclining Buddha)

Show up and look into the props of clearanceSleeping Buddha Buddha (reclining Buddha)The whole bodyGold leafIn the cover、Sparkling light of theMasterpieceIt is! Viewed from any angle and floated a gentle smile、Humane look like turned to me、The appearance of graceful、It seems to have quietly touched the hearts of those who watch.


Wat PhoThe、1788 yearToRama IBy built、This statue is、Rama 3In by hand1832 yearThe has been erected。Sleeping Buddha Buddha (reclining Buddha)And the、EnlightenedGautama BuddhaisNirvanaThe representation of just before entering the、And kind with half-open eyes、One hand piece elbow support with head、The other hand calmly with the body stretched out、I lay leisurely and relaxed appearance。So for a while just stood there ago、Majestic and graceful appearance and I、Hi-Fi of Gautama Buddha's enlightenment and compassion.


WholeCan worship without being interrupted by、From the foot of this angle will be。And、Worth notingSoles of the feetWidth 5 m、Height 3 mThe hugeFlat feet (hennpeisoku)It is。Flat feetThe"Sign of the enlightened"And then、Flat feet was seen in Buddhism, Buddha' My feet down flat vertical phase 'As a good mark which means mercy and equality。On the soles of the feet、With the Buddhism deeplyBrahmanismFrom the bornBuddhist Cosmology 'moncoilompert'is108Of the pictureIn the represented。Mother of Pearl inlayIt is said、Truth painted delicately brushed, Pearl inlaid technique by Dunhuang and or or in、To the peopleHappinessHas been bringing。Welcome your various foot is、DON & # 8217s; T TOUCH!、Do not touch!


Sleeping Buddha Buddha (reclining Buddha)In that I tend to just me、Inside the buildingWallAlso please pay attention。There、VariousThe story of the BuddhaHas been depicted in detail、Study is required to solve the worship is quite there.


Sleeping Buddha Buddha (reclining Buddha)In and around to the back、1With the value of 1 / 100 BahtSatang coinToB20 (Japan yen and then around 70 yen)In the equipped counter you can buy。Here the applicant is、In the long hallway lined108One potToZakatBecause we are!


108One potTo throw a coin by、Own108One illusionIt is said by sweeping。Shalene Barnett、Shalene Barnett、Shalene Barnett and coins to throw sound echoed in the Chapel、Lighten the hearts with the wonder of it?!


108One potAfter finally arrives at the exit。At the end of the lastSleeping Buddha Buddha (reclining Buddha)The back and pillows do not miss visit!


Take the exit of Chapel、Let's explore the vast precinct if you wear shoes。The area of the environment810,000 square metersAnd very spacious、North and SouthIn 2 minutes has been、The main hall and Chapel、Corridor、Massage CenterSuch as are all North、Vihara is located on the South side.


Near the exit of the ChapelMineral waterThe distribution can be。Was attached to the ticketTicket stub inReplacementSo that you can、Please pass the number of minutes。Delivered in a plastic bottleMineral waterThe、Set up your environmentWater stationsWith it is possible to refill!


In the environment、Snap the brightly colored Chinese pottery shards, made colorful forPagodais71TowerSurrounded by。Here is、Plays the role of the grave、Great stupaThe、From Rama I of the reigning Chakri dynasty IV.Until theKingsAnd to symbolize the four、Small stupasThe、Crypt of the donors it's possible!


Color codedGreat stupaThe、I was green、White is II.、III is yellow、4 King's blueRepresents the、During eachKing RamaOfThe remainsHas been paid.


The main hallEnclose the、4Two chapelsBuilt in link formCorridorThe、From a devoutDonorA lot ofBuddha statueHits。Here isSeated figure


Here are various sizesStatue ofCorridorThe、Has become a place of recreation and relaxation for believers.


Rama IBy erectedThe main hallThe、Outside the cloister and in the corridors and surrounded by double、Rama 3By has been repaired。The main hallOf8Sheet doorsOf the outerRamakianThe story isMother of Pearl inlayIn which is represented、The inside、Depicted with long kurisu the monk fan pattern。The outside of the window、And is decorated with gold leaf and glass carving、On the inside、Contains the name of Thailand's biggest high priest。The main hallThe、For lack of shoes put bags、In the foregroundShoe shelvesTo stock up!


TwomblyOfWat SarasinThe bronze that was moved from the main hallBuddha (Gautama Buddha statue)As well as、150Buddhist statuesAre enshrined。Buddha (Gautama Buddha statue)TheGold leafDecorated、On the pedestal、Rama IOfThe remainsHas been paid。On the wall of the temple、The life of Buddha (41 great disciples of Shakyamuni's story、Talk about heaven、Talk became Thailand's fairy tales)Are drawn。Seriously pray so that we、I quietly shooting is possible.


In the environment、Rama 3Institute of medicine, established in、Has developed into one of the Thailand traditional medicineThailand massageThe schools 'Wat Po Thailand traditional massage"There。Here you will、Will the treatment students。Tired of walking the precincts、Has been resting in a massage?!


In the check-in counter、Many tourists are flooding.。At the reception desk of the approximate waiting time inform us。This latency is、So is approximately 15 minutes and will be waiting!


The menu is、Thailand Thai massage 30 min (B260) or 1 hour (B420)、Or foot massage 30 mins (B280) or 1 hour (B420)Only.。Both of us couple、Thailand traditional massage 30 minutes (B260 Japan yen and approximately 940 yen)申込mimashita ♪


The treatment room was banned、Practitioner shot got a permission。Massage、Told the practitioner that still follow the support、Take off your shoes and lie down on the mat、Back、Neck、Shoulder、Waist、Advances in arms and gently massage relax。Pointing to the right、And left lying in the order、Lie face down、Lie on your back、Finally attention to your fingertips and massage、Loosen shoulder sat up from the end。(* Varies by practitioner massage) 30 mins、Very clean and so is recommended.


After treatment、There was a tea service。Not to shed and wrapped、So are the straw、Possible to drink while walking outside has been caring.


The history of Thailand's learning、The oldest temple full of charm in JapaneseWat Pho。At least one of the precinct to visit to Thailand come in、I think it is worth a look。If the original、"Wat Phra Keo & Grand Palace WAT Kaew & Royal Palace"Well I just want to stretch out the legs、Also I would try next time。Now next in line、Downtown Bangkok gathering around the world backpackers、Khaosan Khao San RoadTo let go!

Wat Pho Wat Pho



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