Luxury hotel "Taipei Marriott Hotel" New open Neihu area to advance in the development !


Currently in Taipei the most advanced development and evolving "Neihu area"And called large or district、
New soft-opened in the summer of 2015 "Taipei Marriott Hotel"。
Marriott HotelThe、6 Fu Group and 10,000 international hotel chain, introduced jointly by Australia international group。
320 guest rooms and suites furnished rooms in five-star luxury hotel、
Buffet-style restaurant、Another five, including restaurants Teppanyaki restaurant & bar、
Huge 3000 m² (can accommodate up to 1200 people) in Taipei boasts the largest multi-purpose event (Ballroom)、
Meeting room、Fitness Center、Pool、And integrated hotel facilities include a shopping arcade、
Large and strategically located in Central or district、Will be providing rooms with panoramic views of Taipei City, Botanic Gardens。
NearestJiannan Road Station (Jiannan Road Station)From is within 10 minutes ' walk。
Here "The Sherwood Taipei"of
Hotel ownerB.V.RiuCan be handled in the new hotel、
Your son'sMark LiuThe Administration is in charge as the Managing Director.


Ceiling height to overflow an open entrance lobby。
"Butterfly paradise"IsTaiwanAnd the image、Decorated with butterflies designs all over the place!


TaiwanThe colorful Butterfly was helmed designer art、
Sky hovering like butterflies in such a beautiful piece!


On the walls of the lobby、The most memorable art decorated、
Here isCanadaOf the artist "MOSS & Lam"Couture acrylic canvas works
"The Wishful Monkey (butterfly Peacock of Xiang) 1200 cm X 900 cm"In the、AlishanAre drawn, the image!


Mountains natureAlishanIn the more than 1,000-year-old Taiwan cypress is、
A flock of butterflies dancing in countless iconic of the Taiwan、Spread the beautiful feather Peacock, monkeys。
In a nice atmosphere with a fantastic atmosphere、So many photo in front of the works will be guest.


Become a 20-storey hotel、Rooms from the sixth floor provides total number of 320 rooms on the 18th floor。
Let's lobby lounge on the opposite side of the front counter!


Sense of freedom、From the glass windows overlooking the internal courtyard that can be
"Lobby Lounge"Now、
Snacks and drinks are provided、Guests at an elegant hotel.


This time the、Of the Managing DirectorMark LiuIn our teaser、But dinner in the restaurant、
Because the time to diet、Senior VIP Service ManagerSheila ChiuAnd、
VIP Service Supervisor-F&BVanessa Chen
And Japan languageYui ChangTo ask for interpreter、Let your tours!


Assistant Marcom ManagerElis LuAlso kindly go to say hello ♪ (Xie Xie!)


On the left hand entrance hall provides seating area、In the meeting, are available。
Head to the elevator Hall、
Of the Managing DirectorMark LiuLet's and to wait for the 19th-floor rooftop pool!

Taipei Marriott Hotel
Location:No. 199, Lequn 2nd Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 8502 9999

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