"Sherwood Taipei" Gracefully breakfasts in the bright and airy "TOSCANA"


From domestic and foreign businessmen、Many celebrities to visit、No one becomes prisoner five stars hotel
"The Sherwood Taipei"Now、
1Italian restaurant "TOSCANA"、And breakfast guests have been stayed in Torquay、
Morning 7.:00-10:30The in between if you at any time and will be available.


Italian restaurant "TOSCANA"The restaurant all dining and、
Chefs have done technology exchange in the capital of gastronomy, such as Italy or Hong Kong S.A.R.、
Italy culinary creativity and offers。
In the classic, elegant Hall.、And paved with Tuscan marble、
In the expansive indoor patio with natural light、Is the taste of southern Europe、Produce a good time。
This time the、Provides if you stayed in a high class breakfast!

"TOSCANA Energy Breakfast"
NT $ 450 +10% (Japan Yen:About 1620 yen) * except for the main course
NT $ 550 + 10 %~NT $ 650 +10% (Japan Yen:Around 1980-2340 yen) * includes the main course

"Juice or Fruits Platter"
orange、Grapefruit、Watermelon、Kiwi fruit juice (orange juice Willow、Grape citrus fruit juice、Watermelon juice、Weirdness juice)

"Bread Selection (3 kinds)"
Bread and whole grain wheat toast / cereal toast / croissants / plain muffins / chocolate muffin、
Croissant/ Muffin/Apricot Danish

"Main Courses (Select 1 of Main course)"
Eg Vene mildew dice green asparagus (the IPAP filesystems roasted welfare group nun BYD, bamboo) to NT $ 550 (Japan Yen:About 1980 yen)
Florentine omelet Browns Bacon NT $ 550 (Japan Yen:About 1980 yen)
Hong Kong omelet , hash browns , grilled tomatoes , green asparagus、-Roasted eggplant and welfare bamboo) to NT $ 550 (Japan Yen:About 1980 yen)
Lobster sandwich , whole wheat bread , avocado salad NT $ 650 (Japan Yen:About 2340 yen)
Camembert cheese souffle Vegetable Chips cheese sauce , honey NT $ 600 (Japan Yen:About 2160 yen)
French toast , scrambled eggs , ham NT $ 600 (Japan Yen:About 2160 yen)
Order sandwich NT $ 600 (Japan Yen:About 2160 yen)

"TWG Tea or Illy Coffee (Select 1)"
TWG Tea (English breakfasts、Assam tea、Fransarlgrey、Monkey King Jasmine)
Coffee、Espresso latte、Cappuccino
Jasmine Monkey King/ Americano/Espresso/Latte/Cappuccino


Soft natural light pours、My favorite place is bright and airy terrace.


This time we arelade Gourmet & Hotel Web MagazineIn the planning [To travel with a second series] As、
In writer 2 pair will be active in the world and activities in Toyama Prefecture
Yao "Shimoo Design / shimoo Kazuhiko & simoo Saori"The wooden instrument
Takaoka "Syouryu / Yoshinori shimatani"The journey with a Tin-made instrument has。
"The Sherwood Taipei"In charge of Public Relations
Doris ChenAlso works、
Italian restaurant "TOSCANA"We have collaborated with the breakfast, at.


"Fruit plate"
"Syouryu" the "Tin paper (24 cm) "

"Tin Paper"And that has inspired by origami、
Rolling thin Tin repeating paper finishing、Prevent the damage of bend or stretch by tapping with a hammer carved by pattern、
It is the new form of 100% Tin freely!
Size is size 4、Pattern "or variety is" or "Hail"、With three types of "samidare"、
Beautiful Japan meteorological phenomena, which expresses the。
Made of Tin with soft changes such as rippling、Cool mind has incorporated a Taiwan fruit.


"Lobster sandwich, whole-grain flour breads avocado salad"
NT $ 650 (Japan Yen:About 2340 yen).

"Shimoo Design" "floating patern (fuyou)Series oval.

Will be ordering breakfast here is the selection of entrees。
Floating Patern (fuyou)
And the、 Traditional relief (quail hollow) and using a technique devised in the basic、
Budget wood、Views such as weathered pleasantness and yikes are seen as instruments。
Floating Patern (fuyou)In the finish、Sealing coating&Painted glass、
By embedding paint vessel (wood absorbs water hole)、Helps prevent the absorption of the oil is、
With wooden bowls、Playing without having to absorb oil and hot sauce、Can be used in a variety of dishes it is possible。
Here you will、Incorporating a sandwich using lobster meat、
Finished in a soft morning dish。
Lobster sandwich、Health care in whole wheat bread、Served with mashed potatoes and a green salad、
Accent to guacamole with vegetable chips。
Guests can enjoy the savory flavor of the lobster.


"French toast scrambled eggs ham" NT$600:About 2160 yen).
"Shimoo Design" "floating patern (fuyou)Series / round tray"

Also seeFloating Patern (fuyou)Series"In a round tray、
Soft fluffy finish French toast to finished plate。
That is a tree with a sum of、The atmosphere fit the simple Western style、
With pure also comes different!


"Syouryu" "Tin Paper (18 cm)"

Colorful salad shines well "Tin Paper"。
Is a crunchy salad with Italian dressing with sour。
100% Tin has excellent heat conduction "Tin Paper"The chill in the fridge and、
Easy-to-maintain low temperature such as hot and cold appetizers is recommended.
(Note:Refrigeration is unavailable)


"Bread assortment, 3 choices"

Homemade bread、11Select the type one three.


On this day、"Famous GM"OfAchim V. HakeSurprise for me and、
Breakfast table performance omelette! (Xie Xie!)


Me off the table performance、BenThis is a chef!


In the hotel's breakfast omelet、Every hotel has charm unlike the taste!


Spinach in tomatoes、Onion、With plenty of cheese on the omelet!


A beautiful omelette eggs skillfully rolled around!


Over the original source to the finish is completed!


Special menu
"Florence Omelet with Hash Brown and Lardon Bacon"

During the fluffy omelette served with a thick white sauce with cheese、
Spinach and tomato、Onion、Cheese with so many ingredients, moist and soft-finish is the best!


"Tea or coffee"
TWG Tea (English breakfasts、Assam tea、Fransarlgrey、Monkey King Jasmine)
Coffee、Espresso latte、Cappuccino
Jasmine Monkey King/ Americano/Espresso/Latte/Cappuccino

After a meal with a drink and、Tea and coffee can be ordered with a favorite type。
After an elegant breakfast、
Introduce the tourist attractions around the hotel and a popular restaurant.

The Sherwood Taipei
Location:No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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