"The Sherwood Taipei" It holds 100,000 bottle of wine of the center of the "Hospices de Beaune" of charity!


Altho、His delicate impressions、
There is a whole "Your Home Away From Home"And yet so it seems top notch services、
Heart happy hospitality "The Sherwood Taipei"。
Place、MRT muzha line "Zhongshan junior high school station"More than approximately 6 minutes on foot、
And "Taipei Songshan Airport"From the car in about 5-10 minutes and、Access is good.


Housed on the second floor of the private banking "Sherwood Chinese Banquet"The、
Classic, elegant attire.、Size is 30-40 persons and can accommodate、
Here you will、Chinese food chefs、Japan food、Guests can enjoy gastronomic had arranged a varied menu of European dishes.


"Famous GM"OfAchim V. HakeFor information on、
The Public Relations OfficerYvonne WuTo you for support、
The Guest Relations OfficerShinko YokochIs it in will be interpreted.


Sherwood TaipeiThat worked as a sommelier at the
F&B Beverage ManagerOrbie YangWhats up here!


F&B Beverage ManagerOrbie YangThe、
Sherwood TaipeiTo involve all wine is stored for、
About the wines、Orbie YangIt would be nominated.


The banquets "Sherwood Chinese Banquet"The specially equipped wine cellar。
Sherwood TaipeiThe、Each area placed wine cellar、
Keep the approximately 100000 bottles of wine、It is possible to meet the needs of the guest.


Sherwood TaipeiNow、2010, It was held 150 times in Hong Kong "Hospices de Beaune"of
Has been involved in charity auction、
Since 2011、2013Years and more "Hospices de Beaune"Has been sold!

"Hospices de Beaune"、That charity hospital located in Beaune in Burgundy、
It is very old.、1443Years had served as Treasury Secretary under Philip Duke of the Duchy of Burgundy
Hospital was founded by Nicolas Rolland is the beginning。
This hospital is、Facilities to provide medical services to those less fortunate originally had、
Soon、From neighboring Lords, including the charite as an alternative to money vineyards donated by is to be、
Sales of wines from its vineyards and earmarked for operating expenses of the Hospices de Beaune、
Building a brilliant original tiled hospices、In the beautiful buildings representing the medieval Burgundy、
Has been published as the Museum is currently、Has become a tourist attraction in Beaune。
As the wine auction、1859Held since、And one of the oldest、
Has become a very important charity event held every year in France wine industry so far。

The 288 bottle (Magnum 144) of wine is made from a wine barrel barrel、
In each bottle etiquette、Customers who bought a barrel of the person or company name、To be able to include the group name、
It is possible to produce a rarity and uniqueness as an original wine。
As a result、On the etiquette of this course "THE SHERWOOD TAIPEI"And it is engraved!

Sherwood TaipeiThe、2010Wines in Burgundy during the greatest
And bid the Côte de per barrel was built at Nuits (Court-de-Nuits) 228 liters-Chambertin、
In the famous wine brewing House "Domaine Ponsot"To entrust the brewing and bottling。
Paste the original Hotel etiquette、2013Since, are sold at the hotel。
Great value is soaring away 2015 also planned that。

"2010 Hospices de Beaune Mazis-Chambertin Granc Cru Cuvée Madeleine Collignon Domaine Ponsot
- / -"
Quantities limited edition bottle 9800 TWD (Japan Yen:35300 JPY)
Got with a rich deep purple-Crimson、Elegant black fruit aromas and
Mellow fruity emit a pride while also sensual, creamy flavor、Enjoy the afterglow wine。

As a wine should be commemorated by remarkable coincidence, also home、
In the same 2010 "Hospices de Beaune"You lay。
For wines suitable for long-term storage、Fun wine one is opened.


"There is a interesting wine"And、We showed、
In 1979, become a negociant wines "Opus One"。
By Robert Mondavi and Baron Philippe Rothschild two giant pieces Opus one。
Previous、Started in year 2007.、We receive several times after that、
Though still inexperienced is a negociant。
One day I hope to meet!


After you have introduced the selection of wines in the wine cellar、
Full of grace in an atmosphere of classic United Kingdom expression provided by the hotel on the second floor
"Henry’s Bar"I want to enjoy an aperitif at!


Sherwood TaipeiNow、Restaurant, bar,、
Or to order wine anywhere in your roomIt is possible。
The wine list is offered、The sommelier will select to your liking
Orbie YangThat would be good to leave.



This time the、A champagne making family from 1880 in the village of court de Blanc South Vertus
"Larmandier-Bernier"We will。
By using the volume value Chardonnay champagne、
In addition to the soft scent of flowers and raspberries and citrus fruit flavors、Nectar rich feeling.、Very nice taste!



To accompany an aperitif seeAssorted cheese"We will。
The daily recommended for cheese and dried fruit、Guests can enjoy a glass of wine!


While enjoying an aperitif、Elegance and comfort。
Filled with grace、Classic and cozy "Henry’s Bar"The、
Day and night、300More than wines and spirits、Enjoy a cocktail、
Enjoy an extraordinary time.


Greet evening 'The Sherwood Taipei"And then after a、
Sherwood TaipeiThe hotel ownerB.V.RiuOf your son
Of the Managing DirectorMark LiuFrom the invitation、
Has been newly involved "Taipei Marriott Hotel"To think you want to go!


"Famous GM"OfAchim V. HakeAnd
The Guest Relations OfficerShinko YokochAnd I'm in for fifteen years、
Sherwood TaipeiOf the required transportation by car。
"Marriott Hotel"The、Bustling with developmentNeihu areaIn the year 2015 summer and soft opening、
Shops & restaurants、Of-the-art Convention Centers
And the city's largest integrated property。
Not because this would be his first visit with fun!

Henry’s Bar (2nd floor)
Hours of operation:11:30-25:00
Reservation TEL:(02)2718-1188

The Sherwood Taipei
Location:No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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