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"Sherwood Taipei" Elegant time in the renewed "Executive Club"



Upholds the concept of "journey home"、
"In addition to coming back" reminiscent of warm hospitality awaits
"The Sherwood Taipei"。
Hotel 5th floorThe Executive ClubWe have reopened.


Here the guests staying on the Executive Floor (Executive floor)
And private lounge can be used freely.


And have spacious seating、A luxurious space filled with restless。


7:00-22:00Until it is available at any time.


In the Executive Club ManagerSharon ChenIntroduction、
Has been resident staff、Please take care of your personal belongings.


There was a seat at the table in the back、Spend a quiet moment.


Installed soft drinks and snack foods, such as magazines and books、
Enjoy tea while reading time is possible.


To counter、Provides light snacks and appetizers, such as、
Is possible in self service.


Also available for chilled white wine or red wine.


Salmon, but、Good seasonal salad、Includes bread, such as、
Are available as snacks after 10 minutes or so.


Such as roast chicken, cheese and dried fruit platter。


Coffee machine also、Guests can enjoy a varied menu.


Soft drinks、Coca Cola、Schweppes、Carbonated juices, Red Bull、
Evian、Perrier、Such as San Pellegrino mineral water、Apple and orange、And tomato juice
Provides a selection of.


Beer、In the Corona Mexico Germany Barre、Taiwan beer、Japan's Kirin Ichiban shibori、
Heineken of the Netherlands、Guinness Ireland etc。


The latest range of domestic and foreign magazines、Periodicals、
English and Chinese language newspapers equipped with magazines in the United States and Taiwan.


Under TV chest、Been have a hard Erika、
Also available in self!


For those who enjoy coffee or tea to offer the petits fours are、
Started with homemade cookies and chocolate.、Snacks available!


Called the daily Happy Hour lounge is pleased that 17:00-20:00Until the、
Beer and wine、Drink alcohol like whiskey flat, with that!
I immediately responded to wine.


After the wine、Taiwan single malt whisky
"Kavalan Whisky"We will。

"KAVALAN Single malt whisky.
Alcohol content:40°C

Northeastern Taiwan、And pure spring water from the snowy mountains
Single malt whisky aged effect promoted by Taiwan's distinctive subtropical climate has produced。
Was created has a full-bodied taste deserves the appreciation of works of art, exquisite sake-making technology to reach。
Color has a bright amber color.、Honey and mango、PEAR、Vanilla、Coconut、Scent of chocolate、
Sweet like mango has a slight citrus aftertaste、Enjoy the mellow taste.


In the last、Get coffee for you.、
We enjoy the hotel original chocolate and cookies。
Very quiet at the lounge、Spacious elegant Aqua!

The Executive Club
TEL:(02)2718-6666 Ext 3215

The Sherwood Taipei
Location:No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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"Sherwood Taipei" The guest request us to provide five types of carefully selected pillows that can support! "Sherwood Taipei" "B-ONE" Wide variety in colorful buffet-style breakfast
"Sherwood Taipei" The guest request us to provide five types of carefully selected pillows that can support!
"Sherwood Taipei" "B-ONE" Wide variety in colorful buffet-style breakfast


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