"Sherwood Taipei" The guest request us to provide five types of carefully selected pillows that can support!


Altho、His delicate impressions、
There is a whole "Your Home Away From Home"And as much as it seems、Hearts hospitality awaits.。
More comfortable with pride、Provided top notch service、
From domestic and foreign businessmen、Many celebrities to visit、No one becomes prisoner five stars hotel
"The Sherwood Taipei"。
Upholds the concept of "journey home"、
"In addition to coming back" reminiscent of warm hospitality awaits!


This time the、The Guest Relations OfficerShinko Yokoch.
Responsible for Public RelationsDoris ChenTo introduce、
The Executive HousekeeperHenry ChengAnd
Speak with the veteran housekeeper JapanAngel KaoIt was to introduce bedding services!


On the Executive floor rooms with beds、
We set two different hardness with soft & hard pillows!


But I usually do not use pillow at the home school.、
Clean with a soft feather pillows a selection here is great!


In addition to pillow service peace of mind in people with attention、Beginning with feather pillows、
Shape memory Tempur and high rebound pillows、Cotton pillow、Choose from 5 types such as buckwheat pillows、Get better sleep。
In the elderly、Said natural smell pleasant moderate hardness "buckwheat pillow" is so popular!


Speak with the veteran housekeeper JapanAngel Kao


The Executive HousekeeperHenry Cheng


Sherwood TaipeiNow、Dealing with ingredients pillow offers guests sleeping。
The pillows not provided in your room, please be、Would be better with the request do not hesitate!

The Sherwood Taipei
Location:No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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