"Taipei Marriott Hotel" Rooftop heated pool with beautiful night view, and fitness center!


TaipeiIn the most developed, which has developed "Neihu area"And called large or district、
New soft-opened in the summer of 2015 "Taipei Marriott Hotel"of
The rooftop pool is located on the 19th floor of the hotel、In the views of Lake area。
Pool size is 17 m in length、Spacious and equipped with a depth of 120 cm、
Maintain the 29-degree temperature、Swimming is possible even at night。
Spread out in front of 45-storey high rise tower is working group has 45-storey residence.

Roof-top swimming pool opening hours
Morning 6:00To 22:00


Of the Managing DirectorMark LiuRoof-top pool and in Reunion play greetings!
Because the time to diet、Senior VIP Service ManagerSheila ChiuAnd、
VIP Service Supervisor-F&BVanessa Chen
And Japan languageYui ChangTo ask for interpreter、We have tours。
The rooftop pool is、Of the Managing DirectorMark LiuFor it is my favorite、
And you'll enjoy your time here with many guests in。
The most famous in TaiwanYang Ming mountainSevere、Enjoy city lights at night、
Expands the attractiveness of each day and night.


The view from the swimming pool was covered with light marble、
In the iconic Lake area "Miramar"of
One appreciates the large Ferris wheel、Lit up at night a Galaxy Navigator and I spend the night!


Night view of the beautiful flower paradise 100 Miramar (Maleeha) side


Marriott HotelOf greenery filled garden Chapel and courtyard are。
In the courtyard"Butterfly paradise"IsTaiwanImage of the、Designed butterfly wings。
Views from the bottom is also different because the sight、19Carried a foot to floor rooftop pool and good will.


Also on the 19th floor、"Fitness Center (gym)"The front counter、
But none of the guestsFreeThe use is possible.


Fitness Center is open 24 hours and、
Equipped with the latest variety of training machines、Helps you to stay fit on the road。
(Staff up to 22 in parking)
The views from the upper floorsTaipei 101You can、Boasting exhilarating views。
Training become available freely at your own pace、You can refresh both mind and body.


Also on the 19th floor to floor、The exclusive Executive floor
"Executive Lounge"By providing、
Become a member of Marriott hotels and special guests in the VIP lounge presents、We have happy hour!

Executive Lounge
Opening hours:10:30To 22:00(Exclusive Executive floor)

Taipei Marriott Hotel
Location:No. 199, Lequn 2nd Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 8502 9999


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