Kenting "Gloria Manor" Activity! Adjacent to learn the seedlings grown in " Kenting nursery !"


"Coexistence with nature"Theme、"JAHAA"Engaged in design、
Creating user-friendly natural designs
Kenting resort hotel "Gloria Manor"The、
Whole area belongs to the tropical climate boasts extensive grounds "Kenting national forest recreation area"Located in the。
As one of the hotel's activities、"Taiwan Ministry of Forests secretariat"And then run、
Adjacent to the hotel "Kenting-nursery (area grow seedlings)"Guided hiking tour reservations are available。
Travel time is approximately 40 minutes on foot、And stroll in the wilderness、
You can learn the stage of seedling development.


In the hotel parking lot、The meet and greet in the cart、Aboard!
(* Will walk normally、Cart is necessary is necessary to offer)


Friendly and helpful staffAnnieTo guide、DriverAbelTo ask。
In cart overload gyuu-aligned while becoming、Is the start of the fun hiking tour.


Adjacent to the hotel "Kenting-nursery (area grow seedlings)"The、Usually open to the public is not、
"Taiwan Ministry of Forests secretariat"The monitoring under、Admission restrictions。
Gloria ManorFor the guests、Is a special entrance permission has been given.


"Kenting-nursery (area grow seedlings)"Is established, and 30 years、
There are divided into five acre nursery nursery area。
Every year approximately 2 million, seedlings growth and success、They celebrated the growth of certain saplings、
Taiwan's various public institutions and schools、Park、Reflect the social environment,、
Greening plan has been enhanced as a national project.


Staff will then assist you with tours and
Marketing Maneger of the group headquarters&Communication Dept. ofEve LoAnd
PR/Copy Writer,Marketing&Communication Dept. ofStephy LiangAlong with the、
"Kenting-nursery (area grow seedlings)"You will learn!


The seedlings will be planted、
Casuarina、Tropical almond、Hibiscus tiliaceus、Pongamia pinnata、
Michelle Yeoh Cliff Metro、Chinese tallow、Sea mango、Lotus Tong、White Mizuki、Taiwan's orchid tree、
Acacia、Mao persimmon、Liquidambar、Podocarpus、Yellow heart persimmon、Iron color、Taiwan Luan tree、Light wax tree、
Chinaberry、Taiwan Beech、Pistache、mahogany、
pterocarpus indicus、Magnolia、Pongamia pinnata、Sapindus and Jiadong、
Osmanthus、Smiling flower、cape jasmine flower、
Wong Backstrap Kashiwa、Qilixiang、Dwarf elixir、Aglaia、Jin Louhua, etc。


Staff to take care of the seedlings、Weeding while courting of the growth!


"Kenting-nursery (area grow seedlings)"In the、There are species of trees a lot、
"Taiwan Ministry of Forests secretariat"By being protected.


"Kenting-nursery (area grow seedlings)"In the process of raising work being performed
Easy to understand and the sprinkled with illustrations in the panelboard.


Started and tropical plants in the area.、
In Japan too hard、And have a lot of rare species and is protected.


"Kenting-nursery (area grow seedlings)"While observing the、
Green grounds filled with approximately30-40 minutesMuch of the hike!
You can refresh in a small exercise mood、Bring bring out the sneakers、It is recommended that will join.


After a hiking tour、
KentingTypical of Taiwan tea. "Harbour Brown"Staff.


Taiwan tea Harbour tea

And Harbour Brown、With tea in Pingtung County East, manjhou, Pingtung in the South of Taiwan green tea production areas in harbour village、
Are there varieties of oolong tea、Made with green tea。
Slightly bitter flavor is characterized by、Feel the sweet and slightly later.


And show some of the vegetable garden is installed in front of the hotel、
Herbs and vegetables with small spaces、Have been brought up properly.


Small cauliflower!


Ripe cherry tomatoes!




In the last、Mini Wong tomatoes ripe and had we done!
My favorite is tomato、Fresh tomatoes with rejoice!
Gloria ManorNow、And grow organic vegetables in the local、
After the harvest、Adopted in the restaurant、Peace of mind、Food safety can be enjoyed.

Gloria Manor
No. 101, Gongyuan Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
TEL:+886 8 886 3666

Taiwan Ministry of Forests secretariat

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