Kenting "Gloria Manor" Let's walk "Sheding Nature Park" in search of wild deer in the optional tour!


"Coexistence with nature"Theme、"JAHAA"Engaged in design、
Creating user-friendly natural designs
Kenting resort hotel "Gloria Manor"The、
Whole area belongs to the tropical climate boasts extensive grounds "Kenting national forest recreation area"Located in the。
Hotel tours activities、Every season has a variety of courses for、
In late March of the spring sunshine "Kenting National Park"In the
"Sheding Nature Park"The hope to enjoy the walking trails。
From the hotel to the entrance of the Park、Shuttle with shuttle service to、
For Sun protection or prevent the rash of plant、
Clothes to wear too much exposed skin、
Marketing Maneger&Communication Dept. ofEve LoAnd
PR/Copy Writer,Marketing&Communication Dept. ofStephy Liangと一緒に早速向かいましょう♪


This time "Kending Sheding"Of course in
"Sheding Village: Nature Exploration-"The participation in tour。
It takes approximately2 hour - 2.5 hourWe expect!


Company Summit nature parkTour
"Sheding Village: Nature Exploration" of course

Sheding Nature ParkThe、
Composed of uplifted coral reef landforms、Rift coral reefs.、Limestone caves and grasslands、
Can be drier throughout the geological landscape。
Area of 128.7 hectares proud's、And more than 300 species of plants in the premises、50Butterfly species、
In addition to and inhabited by many animals and insects、
To get directions to themselves at local guides in this course、Will guide you through the Park's ecology。
Individual with bamboo canes in the Centre、Save to minimize strain on the knees and hips.


Guide staff、Men and women with some 20、
This is a cheerful, descended of the nativesHanGuide me in charge!


Before checking in the Park map、Continue to route confirmation。
BanWho specializes in course was pretty tough image、Shortcuts have (lol)
Still it takes 2-3 hours or so of course! Let's do our best!


This course is now up at Red、Will be slightly wide left to explore!


In the Park is surrounded by trees "Butterfly Alley"Go。
This trail、Not so for artificial development does not destroy the natural form as much as possible。
Therefore in natural surroundings、Just watching on, tend to walk、
Going to be a precarious stone steps and the road surface for、Careful with your feet and move on.


Rock formed from uplifted coral reefs "Crevice"The kicked out!
Strangely enough、That was originally under the Sea this terrain can ask!


I looked up the reef and、Sew the Rocky gap、Set root trees, are together!
Seems to weave a natural work of art.


"Bubbling Spring"Beyond the area、There are places covered with a bamboo fence。
Here "Lime kiln"In the、In Taiwan remains one of the few precious, "Lime kiln"Next I。
Here's the old、Where as the local industry was producing lime.
The main ingredients used to produce lime, coral reefs、
The lime produced here、As a component、Or was used to paint。
In addition、By lime and areca (betel) additive use、
In Taiwan "Chewing tobacco"And then、It is known as luxury goods like cigarettes。


Regular route to go on smoothly.


GuideBanLet's stop、Showed me photos。
Apparently、Like taking a growth process of the butterfly!


When、Discover the twig which glow Golden pupa!
This has to become a butterfly pupa's preparation、It looks golden yellow liquid is stuck。
In it、What to grow Butterfly yellow wings with this pupal-adult!


Adult Golden pupa、Yellow feather is not。
This big beautiful black and white feathered madara Butterfly、
Also known as "The Lady of the island"And is called"Great Vitiligo Butterfly"To grow。
Here you will、Every year spring-for during the summer to produce large amounts of nectar nectar source plant、
Asking for it, many butterflies gathered.、Watch is a wildly beautiful butterflies!


GuideBan.、Also stop by、Pull the antlers from the baggage!


WHITECOAT, deer antlers every year.、Due to itch when they will grow、
By on the trunks of the trees rub against each other on the corner、Stripping the skin of、While brushing the surface have sharpened the angle!


Big long tail of reptiles that can be!


Regular route is straight、Turn left and、GuideBanLet's will still go on!


In the northeastern seasonal windWind prevailsThe has been mown down in the meadow in a certain direction。
Many Park plants growing on the slope, wind shear trees、And pointing in the direction of the Southwest、Reminded the greatness of the power of the wind!




While inhabiting a variety of subtropical plants、Sometimes the natives used as food flavoring plants!
Great is the wisdom of the ancients.


On the way、The Japanese have to Taiwan to watch the butterflies from YokohamaKazuo TADAAnd I have met Mr and Mrs!
TADAAnd I'm pretty Butterfly enthusiasts with、Morning from 9 am to 16:00 PM、
It had been uchideshi photo shoot here just observing butterflies! (Surprise)
Even though my wife is half amazed that your point、And escorting、It was a very harmonious lovely Mrs.!
On this day、Very rare "Wong erimo SC Butterfly"Was taken and、
Ridzuan Frolic like kid was cute how impressive!


Taking the "Wong erimo SC Butterfly":Kazuo TADA

At a later date、TADAIs it to send commemorative photos taken together with、
A valuable "Wong erimo SC Butterfly"You sent us back! (Thank you)
TADAHer husband and wife、Continue looking for rare butterflies as well as ever it will be traveling all over the world、
"Taiwan has very much care for、Also to visit soon!"With that!
Born on the journey to nice your edge、This is the best part of the trip.


And forward to the sidewalk、On the way、Keep and find the deer poop a lot。
Deer's nocturnal、Often during the day resting in the forest、Very good。
To see an active deer want?、
"Sheding Village: Nighttime Explorations"Is recommended.




Also up for this daySika deersThe plunge in the protection area.


Sika deersTo amaze、遠方に設置された展望台からの見学となります
Out loud and sound、鹿を怖がらせないように気を付けましょう!


It is cautious a mild temperSika deersThe、保護領域内で群れで行動しています
決まった場所で食べ物を探す習性があり、Lord is always eating grass and leaves。
Because distance too、Detailed observations, such as facial expressions are not with the naked eye、
And to bring Opera glasses might be better.


Moulting in the spring summer hair、Brown like POPs beautiful white spots (white-spotted pattern)、
Showed me a photograph of the。
Sika deersThe、Plum blossoms, such as beautiful spots with this name from that.


GuideBanLet's borrow and brought some deer antlers、Spoofing in the majestic wilderness deer picture! (Lol)


Reach the goal meet the deer、
The road back home、Many times feel tired、From the slow down is strange (laughs)
GuideBanIs it is it is surprisingly tough.


Cuteness and sat down on a tree branch、To see what's hereMonkeyThe discovered!
Upon finding the animals、Give care to hold a big voice!


GuideBan.、While slowly Wade through the grass、"Look inside!"And let me know!


From the leaves of the plant "Tsuda Phasmid:-"The found a tiny baby!
Here is an entomologist born in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan
Matsunae TsudaIn comes from the name.


Center and come back safe and sound、
From the top of the wall、Click here cancer look and figure of a cat、The number of cats freely walking in the Park。
The Taiwan、Many unleashed dogs and cats、Often not wearing a collar.。


Speaking of loose、Is the image makes sense column that chicken on the side of the road and marching.、Is a peaceful sight.


Return to Center、Return the bamboo cane!


"egg frog"

Take after-dinner drinks service ""egg frog""We have!
This is drink in Taiwan.、
Named after its appearance of tapioca is similar to frog eggs。
Bubble wrap texture to sweet drinks、
Excellent fit and physically tired and tender taste.


Gloria ManorThe shuttle pick-up car、
So work up a sweat with plenty of、I want to change clothes and taking a shower in the hotel。
That was about a three-hour hiking tour、
Stroll in the lush environment surrounded by nature、Was able to refresh both mind and body!
Gloria ManorThe optional tour、Prepare a wide variety depending on the season、
Please feel free to contact them!

Gloria Manor
No. 101, Gongyuan Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
TEL:+886 8 886 3666

Kending Sheding

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