Kenting Resort Hotel "Gloria Manor" Eat on the terrace breakfast of " MU Lounge"


In the resort town on the southernmost tip of Taiwan "Kenting national forest recreation area"And in the、
Resort hotel is surrounded by nature "Gloria Manor"Now、
The ground floor restaurant "MU LOUNGE"Morning 7:00-11:30Before you can use as a breakfast Hall。
Temperatures in the morning of March end of Kenting in very comfortable、20 ° C before and after、
Under natural conditions fresh air breathe full deep breaths!
Pics are willing body.


Shop、The white tones for、Simple yet stylish space is spread.、
Can be seen in space happily dining guests.


Director ofJames Chungis、Was taken here
Chen YoudeTaiwan's long-awaited Director's latest movie "children of the Sun"Us here!
Leaving the family、Working at a TV station in Taipei's heroine、Fallen father to return home、
Eventually awoke to ethnic pride appearance、
In the Ami tribe born singerAKAN Lok... connected power Pavilion. Tomoe odd malaAnd was powerfully played great
Seems to be and the movie rating。
Although that movie has been played in the Kenting、James ChungIs the acclaimed PR!
You guys、Have a look please?!


Staff still need on the terrace is absolutely recommended!
Not even to this day the strong sunlight、Because it was a mild climate、
The sound of children's laughter constantly、
Remember that your family is enjoying a meal on the terrace.


The main dish choose one dish from the menu、Bread and salad、Comes with soft drinks, such as set
Will order one dish breakfast!


"Homemade bread platter"、"Star fruits&Pineapple.

Every day provide assorted freshly baked homemade bread。
Half of our bread、In the same group "L’IDIOT BAKERY"But we are manufacturing process by offering bread and the same recipe。
Using wheat flour imports from Japan.、Natural ingredients such as dried fruits and vegetables in addition is made。
Recent、In increasing the quality of Taiwan's Pan、Bread shop is growing。
Let the homemade honey butter or olive oil to your liking.


Service staffTina (Nami) LinThe、
The Japan language learned in College、In the restaurant the staffYou can only speak Japan。
All the staff who tried to speak Japan Japanese Greetings、
And beams.、Staff speak fluent in Japan will be one、What they made peace somewhere。
Tina (Nami) LinThe、Provide service with attention to detail so far.


"Garden Salad"

Sticking with nuts or whatever life Rutz's vegetable garden organic vegetable salad、
And by using local vegetables、Will be with Caesar salad dressing.


Green is a magnificent location in the room、
Place an open feel to、Will feel more delicious food!


"Chicken Breast"

The main dish is possible to choose from a menu of five。
In the chicken breast meat Braising、And moist finish.、1 dish served with a spicy sauce。
Sautéed asparagus and mushrooms、Served with poached egg omelette.


"The Hash Browns With Gravlax Tar.
(Salmon and potatoes)

Salmon with crispy potatoes is Good!


"Danish Landrace.
(Denmark in landrace pigs)

Denmark produced pork!


"Roasted Beef With Mashroom.
(Roast beef and mushrooms)

A juicier roast beef!


"Sliced Fruits (fruit platter)

Melon-guava、PEAR、Taiwan fruit and Mandarin orange slices.


Coffee or Tea (coffee or tea)

After dinner、You can opt for coffee or tea.


Surrounded by nature、After enjoying breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere、
Adjacent to the hotel "Kenting-nursery (area grow seedlings)"Let's participate in activities to explore.

TEL:+886 8 886 3666(Ext.:1511-
Hours of operation
Breakfast:Morning 7.:00-11:30
Sunday-Thursday:12:00To 22:00
Friday、Saturday、Public holidays and Eve:12:00-24:00
22:00-24:00The、And offers light snacks and drinks:L.O23:30)

Gloria Manor
No. 101, Gongyuan Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
TEL:+886 8 886 3666

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