"The Sherwood Taipei" Visit everyone is fascinated, first-class hotel to honor "Your Home Away From Home"


Altho、His delicate impressions、
There is a whole "Your Home Away From Home"And as much as it seems、Hearts hospitality awaits.。
In addition、Proud for comfortably、Provided top notch service、
From domestic and foreign businessmen、Many celebrities to visit、No one becomes prisoner five stars hotel
"The Sherwood Taipei"。
Place、MRT muzha line "Zhongshan junior high school station"More than approximately 6 minutes on foot、
And "Taipei Songshan Airport"From the car in about 5-10 minutes and、Access is good.


The doorman、Represents a feeling of hospitality from the heart、Please meet comfortably with a peaceful smile.


In the spacious atrium and spacious entrance hall、
Spread over marble、Profound sense of、Galaxy Navigator feasting chandeliers and a giant tapestry of flowers welcome you!
In the name of the hotel "Sherwood"、Just like its name、The symbol of integration of Chinese and Western culture、
The hotel design and decoration、Also、Furniture and furnishings、And、Specialties and services、
While Western eclectic beauty is expressed in every corner of the hotel.


Check-in time may、Front、Lobby、And the Concierge Desk、
Even though crowded with many guests and staff、
From the spacious with a high ceiling and spacious space、Unleash the restlessness and、
You can feel the warm air flowing over the loose time!


The entrance on your right、The Concierge Desk is poised、
Multilingual staff can be arranged、Respond to every request of guests will。
Do Japan speak speaking staff、Is encouraging.


Spread out behind the entrance on your right at the front counter。
Prior to、The guest available from Europe and America accounted for 7 percent for the entire、
In recent years、And Japan、For guest use from Asian countries also continue to increase、
To be divided Japan staff、It seems that is try.


Staff and staff greeted us at the Concierge Desk、
All of them have beautiful flowers on their chests.、
Every morning、It seems to attach a new fresh flower to the chest when changing into the uniform♪


Check in at the front desk、I'll have a room key.。
Usually the、15Check-in is possible from 12:00。
Now、The only Japanese staff member here, Guest Associations,
Shinko YokochLet's welcome you gave us! (Thanks! )
ShinkoAnd I'm getting、Japan staff and other staff、So come with Japan flag pin badge on the chest、
The language people with anxiety、It would charge to wearing this pin badge!


Sherwood TaipeiThe、Works of art from around the world and exhibited all over the place、
18th century mainly from early 19th century Western Impressionist art and the Orient、Especially the Chinese works of art.。
While walking around the hotel、There are many great works of art in、
Full of grace、Guests at an elegant hotel.


Antiqueeurpian beautiful and sparkling golden frame、In the United Kingdom England
"Sherwood Forest"Are decorated with painting、
Exactly whatSherwood TaipeiWill symbolize the work! (Nice! )
To the bottom、And Louis 16th period、"Bell harp with gilt bronze statue clock"Has been placed。
In addition、1875Made in "France Cabinet"The、
Decorated with a pattern of Chinese gardens landscape to emerge on the black surface、
Are subjected to a typical European style。
Very valuable paintings remain in beautiful condition and antiques、All hotel owners.B.V.RiuThe collection and、
It is possible to watch free in the hotel。
Now、To your room, this will guide!
Next in line、Sherwood TaipeiThe "Junior suite" introduction!

The Sherwood Taipei
Location:No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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