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"Grand Victoria Hotel" Luxury 5-star hotel that was mimic the British Victoria dynasty of the 19th century



19United Kingdom Victorian dynasty of the century atmosphere was built based on、Decorated dress with classic and modern arrangements
5One boasts a star "Grand Victoria Hotel"。
2007/1 JanuaryThe Grand opening。
MRTOfJiannan Road StationThan3-minute walk distanceThe location and、
Are currently the most developed willing and development in Taipei "Neihu area"Next I。
It is a symbol of the inner lake area "Miramar"The sight of the large Ferris wheel spins、
"National Palace Museum' , 'National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine"Such as the attractions as close、
Also、"Taiwan Taoyuan International AirportApproximately in the car until "35Minutes
"Taipei Songshan AirportApproximately in the car until "15MinutesAnd、大変便利なロケーションに位置しています♪

State of the previously introduced was Uchimizuumi area click the following URL!
Development in progress! exploring the Nei Hu area landed in Jiannan Rd. station in MRT Whnhu line


Victoria outdoor garden 1F

Mood is likely to spend here is when it even forgotten cause of elegant likely that you are already in Taipei ♪


Entrance lobby and front



"Taiwan sightseeing Light Board"Admits"5 star hotel」を授与された証が輝かしく光ります
Each staff and skills、Knowledge other than equipment and refuge route in case of fire
The whole hotel was tested、Normal、3年毎にチェックが入るとお聞きしました
In other it might be interesting even to try to check ♪


Also、2015One day in October.Than、
Etc. you can accession certain independent hotel who meet strict screening criteria
"Preferred Hotels & ResortsAlso we have gained a membership is fame to the group of "!

Recent、リブランドした「Preferred Hotels & Resorts"Now、
This hotel "Lifestyle」のコレクションに登録されています

Also"Preferred Hotels & Resorts」では参加対象ホテルにて
You or can earn points that can be exchanged for a free night and stay expenses
"iPrefer Guest loyalty program"Are provided.


In ceiling height, spread and open space、Clean and white, wall。
2014 August,In the new、It has redesigned art works in the machine。
Taiwanese artist "Lai Chun ChunArt works "maker"Ectocarpus Megumi"Ceiling and the front rear。
Water and clouds、And represent the blessings of the Earth、Nature of the sky and the Earth are represented in the colorful glass and、
Walls shine brightly coloured works beautifully、目を惹き付けます♪


Spacious welcome ♪ in elegant long sofa of European style




2F Italian restaurant "la FESTA (La Festa)」で使用できるワンドリンクサービスです
It is is nice to be able to use the time of the empty cafe time ♪


Current、It is the only Japanese staff at this hotel
Sales Assistant ManagerKenji TakahashiSan。
Nearly three years ago has been engaged in this hotel。
When I heard the storyTakahashiMr. a、
What! I was born and raised "Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport"For aShizuoka Makinohara-City Hosoeのご出身と伺い
In addition、We liveHamamatsu-City Kita-Ku Mikatahara-ChoOf
You lead a surprise of the chain from a say there is also experience was near his home to be your home!
What a your edge! (Surprise)
In it、Immediately、お世話になるお部屋へと案内していただきましょう♪

Grand Victoria Hotel
Location:104 Taiwan Taipei Nakayama, Takashi industries 4 channel 168 No.

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"Cafe Ballet" The siphon coffee which does private roast of more than 20 kinds of coffee beans and makes tea politely "Grand Victoria Hotel" Standard Deluxe Room of simple design
"Cafe Ballet" The siphon coffee which does private roast of more than 20 kinds of coffee beans and makes tea politely
"Grand Victoria Hotel" Standard Deluxe Room of simple design


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