"The Sherwood Taipei" Junior suites feel warm full of relaxation in the soft tones


"Your Home Away From Home"The concept that、To provide with its warm cozy
"The Sherwood Taipei"。
2008Pick up renewal of the year、
And change the color on each floor are restless with the soft feel、
By providing high-quality space than ostentatious decoration elegant and elegant European-style。
20StoreySherwood TaipeiThe rooms are、8343 guest rooms consisting of types and makes.


This time、We will take care rooms、
191906 room floor "Junior Suite" Is!


The key to your room、Instead of card、Dare we are using classic key。
It also "Your Home Away From Home"As the important elements、
To make you feel like home to unlock what。
The key hang those who are worried about forgetting、With confidence!
A key is required to open、閉める際にはオートッロックとなります♪


On the right hand、来客用のクローゼットも用意され
And parting with private spaces such as a bedroom, it is safe!


Junior Suite / 62 m² (19 m2)

Consists of 2 rooms, 62 m², with separate living room and bedroom, spacious、
One loveseat sofa and table provided to the sofa, a soft cushioned two seat、
Feel the rich comfort in spacious!




The Guest Relations OfficerShinko YokochAnd I'm at a delicate operation in the room。
And comfortable and stay again、The description is not required、And is it OK so you tell、
On the reverse、Also did not have to explain、If you have questions in first visit、Guys please do!


In the living room、壁掛けタイプの37インチの「Panasonic」が用意されています
But there are 39 channels, including satellite TV and pay TV、
Sherwood TaipeiThe PV is、The symbol of the height of hospitality here、Very nice so please enjoy it!


The marble work desk、Decorated with fresh flowers、Surrounded by the gentle floral fragrance。
In the drawer、Stationary goods, including rich、You can take advantage of in the business.
There was free WiFi or wired Lan、Is available in the non password。


Above all、Click here for more but thought it was a nice service!
Sherwood TaipeiIncludes several paintings symbolizing the postcards、Is freely available。
In addition、And the postcard to submit to the front desk or Concierge Desk、
Mailing services free of chargeAnd God! (I'm happy! )
Write your letter on the road"Peace of mind"It is nice to have!


The bedrooms are、Equipped items where you will find comfy rest in peace。
And choose from a King size bed or twin、
Bed mattress、As prepared Matt good tightness、Get relief wrap。
When it comes to pillows、Feather、Hulls、Provides 5 types, such as memory foam type、
"I can't sleep pillow is different."Do not worry!。
Bedside side table、2 there was a mineral water、Water supply in the middle of the night no problem。
Also、1The seat sofa、And original furniture、With outstanding seating comfort, ideal for reading time!


Includes a closet in the bedroom、
A sufficient number of wooden hangers to sheer robe dress 2、1 umbrella、Security safe、
Shoe Shine set self to the indoor slippers、There are laundry bag。
In addition、For a free shoe shine service、Services for businessmen.


And prepare the hot water in the electric kettle、Tea bags will be free。
Tumbler or glass、Provides a mug, etc.


In a refrigerator、There was ice box、
Alcohol is、Kirin Beer、Heineken Beer、
Soft drinks、Perrier、FUJI water、Herbal tea、Three Coca Cola、And Sprite、
The price of the drinks、Are listed in the menu list.


The elegant marble bathrooms、
Very spacious legroom、
Independent shower room、There was a toilet with a bidet、Functionality is excellent!
There are two doors to the bathroom and、From the entrance hallway side and from both the bedroom is available。
Towel is hand.、Face、One bath towel and a range of two becomes complete.、Mats also available。
In the sink、Very nice double-sided makeup mirror with
There was a Wicker Chair、Be very helpful in the morning appearance.


Full size bathtub.


Independent shower room!


Bathrooms with amenities!


Is base item、The Executive room or class room、
Strong impressive "Hermès"Has been adopted、Includes bath salts!


In the shower、Original fragrance-free HAIR made by OEM&Includes BODY SHAMPOO、
For push-in liquid easily、
Veils in trouble quickly body SOAP used to want more convenient。
Not for women because the、Your careful!


The view from the room、The north-facing an exhilarating view of Taipei City、MajesticJiannan MountainAsk the faint。
Top weather、It overlooks the long distance!
Now、Next in line、Sherwood TaipeiThe is equipped with enhanced facilities.

The Sherwood Taipei
Location:No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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