"The Landis Taipei" France 1920's art deco design classic hotels!

France 1920's art deco design that incorporates a concept、
A stately, classic、Atmosphere of Europe "The Landis Taipei"。
Place、MRT "Small train station in Busan"The 5-minute walk from exit No. 4 is located within walking distance。
1979Founded in the year、37From the years of history、Its stately pride.、Taipei's leading five-star hotel one is!


In a nice dress that tickled the heart worthy of a classic doorman uniforms、
He met Hat figure with a smile the best European style with an elegant light gray tails.


A bellhop's uniform is decorated in grey、I got a red accent、
Also in a nice dress、Could you carry my baggage and.


Heavy feeling in a chic, modern colours at the front lobby。
Bringer of pine branches greets the vibrant bird of paradise flowers (Paradise).


At the check-in counter was set up in the Middle、Check in and check out。
The check-in15:00It is more possible。
The Japan staff、Will be staffed in shifts day and night for、No worry about any language.


Senior Duty Manager fluent Japan languageLinda LinAnd
Guest Relations ManagerJhuang Chocois
Friendly peace of mind is possible for divided into day and night and will support Japan language。
Thought on the feelings of the guest said、Us to thank you kindly gentle, warm service is impressive.


Marketing & Communication ManagerYu Wen Jonathan ChenAnd
Marketing & The communication CoordinatorAmanda TsaiTo let happy greetings!


Japan Japanese speaking Guest Relations ManagerJhuang ChocoTo
Let's take up to your room。
In a classical lift、Restless is classy!


Tonal quality and composure to unleash an elevator Hall。
All 209 guest roomsPride、The 87 rooms "Suite Room"Next、
2011Has been completed in all rooms renovated.


Classic Art Deco concept design and Interior's staff is、
Can you imagine the hotel offers guests a comfortable and elegant.


This is an antique phone located in the elevator Hall.。
Don't depress the dial is、Links to the Service Center picked up the stage on。
Visitors are、Please click here。
Now、Next in line、We will take care7F 715 Corner SuiteThe introduction!

The Landis Taipei
Location:Zhongshan district, Taipei City civil rights road Er Duan, 41st
TEL:+886 -2 2597-1234
Reservation center: +886-2-2598-3455

Zhongshan district, Taipei City civil rights road Er Duan, 41st

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